Odyssey cost problem

I would like to ask how everyone feels about odyssey costs
The jump from 7 to 8 skulls is so big which to me feels like you either do 7 or 12, since 8 is so expensive
12 skulls are insanely expensive, books need to be very well managed and multiple raids daily. That’s very hard to keep up when you want to forge items or upgrade stuff
Make those odyssey celestial boosts stronger and smooth out the cost of skulls in a more sensible manner

The jump from 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9 are big. They looks weird but it might have something to do with the incentives to go for 1-skull higher to get the extra bonuses.

I am fine with that. There must be things that separate the dedicated from the “relaxed”. The dedication (time and money), the knowledge, the skills, lucks, all that must make a HUGE difference between the top and the bottom. It’s just natural. That’s what happens around you.


It all depnds on how much forging and upgrading you have left, if you haven’t any you can just sit on islands and collect enough for max oddessy within the time limit.

It also helps to be in a high trophy alliance whereby the gold raid bonus counts for something.

The 7>8 skull diff is big, and you are right in what you say, have to look for low oddessy or high oddessy.


for a very long time, i was limited by cost for odysse, not difficulty (now i freeze my level, so i can do 8-9 skull difficulty instead of 7-8 and do tones of forging)…
This is sad that the cost increase is pretty high from one skull level to the next one, while the difficulty is pretty much the same.
This should be the opposite imo.

In few weeks, i should be able to do 9-10 or even more if i stop forging. But this is sad to be forced to do nothing else then odysee for 5 days per week…

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I like how it forces you to prioritize different things. The game get more boring the fewer choices like that you have to make

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thx, interesting side effect related to matchmaking. maybe until it is resolved (there are still open problems, right? or is the problem where player face lots of attacks already resolved) those steps towards max of 150% can be lowered? :innocent:

Cost was 18 million for 12 skulls, now its 12,6 milion or so. Gold is the resourse you can get the easiest. Its actually worst for me, because now I have to use 25million more efficently so they arent wasted.

I repeat gold should not be a problem. Even if you are a casual player, you can do an odyssey a day (max) by parking your heroes smart