Odyssey cost problem

I would like to ask how everyone feels about odyssey costs
The jump from 7 to 8 skulls is so big which to me feels like you either do 7 or 12, since 8 is so expensive
12 skulls are insanely expensive, books need to be very well managed and multiple raids daily. That’s very hard to keep up when you want to forge items or upgrade stuff
Make those odyssey celestial boosts stronger and smooth out the cost of skulls in a more sensible manner

The jump from 7 to 8 and from 8 to 9 are big. They looks weird but it might have something to do with the incentives to go for 1-skull higher to get the extra bonuses.

I am fine with that. There must be things that separate the dedicated from the “relaxed”. The dedication (time and money), the knowledge, the skills, lucks, all that must make a HUGE difference between the top and the bottom. It’s just natural. That’s what happens around you.


It all depnds on how much forging and upgrading you have left, if you haven’t any you can just sit on islands and collect enough for max oddessy within the time limit.

It also helps to be in a high trophy alliance whereby the gold raid bonus counts for something.

The 7>8 skull diff is big, and you are right in what you say, have to look for low oddessy or high oddessy.


for a very long time, i was limited by cost for odysse, not difficulty (now i freeze my level, so i can do 8-9 skull difficulty instead of 7-8 and do tones of forging)…
This is sad that the cost increase is pretty high from one skull level to the next one, while the difficulty is pretty much the same.
This should be the opposite imo.

In few weeks, i should be able to do 9-10 or even more if i stop forging. But this is sad to be forced to do nothing else then odysee for 5 days per week…

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I like how it forces you to prioritize different things. The game get more boring the fewer choices like that you have to make

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thx, interesting side effect related to matchmaking. maybe until it is resolved (there are still open problems, right? or is the problem where player face lots of attacks already resolved) those steps towards max of 150% can be lowered? :innocent:

Cost was 18 million for 12 skulls, now its 12,6 milion or so. Gold is the resourse you can get the easiest. Its actually worst for me, because now I have to use 25million more efficently so they arent wasted.

I repeat gold should not be a problem. Even if you are a casual player, you can do an odyssey a day (max) by parking your heroes smart


Archi, but you forget about other very high costs, such as forging items or Mastery, where you have to change profits many times and this increases the costs enormously, Odyssey also steals heavily from resources, not counting all defensive improvements and attacks, e.g. in rr2 such a tournament nothing does not cost except ambrosia, just as there are occasionally tournaments in rr2 no resources except bread, very high costs inhibit the player’s development process, I am sure that in Olympus Rising player playing 2 Years have not improved all units and spells

No matter how you see it, it’s cheaper now than it was before, therefore easier. Both gold and wisdom for the Odysseys. As for the Masteries, I’ve changed tactics about this subject a while ago… You don’t need to re-roll so many times, or get a high value every-time. I am probably a very strict and high resource collector, I should be at a very high level, so I can imagine how other players might be struggling, if they want to do everything…

Because I am rushing to 150 level, I was actually spending some wisdom, and then gold when I had to spare. The second part was very easy… I was always full, so I loved spending my cash, so I can then raid and gather more, rather than being full and less effective. But, the wisdom is harder… if I didn’t get a good perk on the first few, it could be messy, therefore I skipped.

Lately, I am just constantly skipping… I just skipped 3 times in 5 minutes yesterday. I didn’t spend a single coin or book. It doesn’t matter. All I need is 1 months to get everything back on track. And some of the perks I use, are really not that useful anymore. I can do that, when wisdom won’t be so needed. (I need 5 spells more to reach 150).

It’s just an additional feature, it’s no longer as important. I have done the math, and it’s actually not impressive. On 150, that gets to be one of the few things you can still improve your heroes, so it becomes more important I guess.

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Masteries also get a lot more expensive (gold cost, not wisdom) or reliant on luck as you get more fame. For lower fame players skipping isn’t as important, you can pretty much be guaranteed to get that titan level mastery in a few tries. As your fame gets higher it can cost millions for a very small increase.

yes this is true. imho bc the gap between lowest and highest possible values gets bigger w.r.t. fame. and if you have in addition already a high startin value the odds for geting a lower one are significant higher.

Can you elaborate a bit on that?

As your values go up you get a wider range you can roll.

Oh, yeah, now I understand.

I believe it’s the same range, that perks work. I believe the % of the range, is the same at all times, in both cases.

My real question, is if this range, is regulated correctly, with a chance of getting a percentile of a value, and not the actual value… which would make it harder as there would be more potential numeric values, so much harder to get the max for example. (though probability of getting “a” high value, should be the same I think).

isnt it the same with getting good 1* greens (w.r.t. what is possible for the actual level)? it gets harder the higher level you get.
maybe its a kind of intended regulating thing, which doesnt need to be bad - but maybe (in addition to other things) also another thing why some like to keep the level low :man_shrugging: (but i dont think that this really plays a big role the later one)

I’ve tried to explain it in the past. I will try again with some numbers. The vocabulary is missing, and my math knowledge isn’t exactly perfect in the english language, so I am having difficulties using even the math terms… I could try a translator or open my old books lol.

Let’s say a perk of CD on level 130, was between 10k and 12k. Which is pretty accurate btw, just rounded up. So 1* green was that number. There are 2000 different possible values of the perk to be “generated” when we receive it.
On level 150, the same perk is between 40k and 46k approximately, rounded up. So 1* green can be that value, which means there are 6000 possible values of the perk to be “generated”.

Now, talking in general and simplistic terms, there is a 1 in 2000 chances to get max value on level 130 and 1 in 6000 chances to get max value on level 150. That’s a huge change, and it’s the same thing with masteries as Dumpster pointed out. The problem, is that with masteries, you can’t really use a lower value, if you have a high one, so you skip or keep spending, which can be very hard to get a considerable higher close to max value. And some times if you overspend, it won’t be worth getting 0.01% more, when the range can be 0,20% for example.

Going a step further. Lets say I am happy to get 95% out of the max value, this would be for example 11900 for level 130 and 45700 for level 150. These two possibilities (anything over 11900 and anything over 45700) have the same chance of happening. So there is a less impact on “loosing out” max values if we talk more generic values and not pin point to the max value possible.

But the real question is… lets say ALL perks, are first indicating a 1/20 (5%) on how good they are. So in the case of the 130 level item, we have these possible ranges
10200-10300 and so on
In the case of the 150 level item, we have these possible ranges
40600-40900 and so on

If the above is working, and then you always have a 5% chance to get a max level, it’s just a random factor or a new chance to get 46k or 12k but the worst case scenario, if you first “got lucky”, is to get 45700 and 11900.

I strongly believe the second is a better system, because it doesn’t make the chances of getting values hugely different when ascending. It would be unfair for high levels, but at the same time, making it harder for them to get those values might balance out, other factors. But getting 6000 green chests, instead of 2000 green chests to get some good values, is too much of a gap, and if they add levels, that would be even higher.

And I am also noticing a much more difficulty on getting high value items anyway… since I have been over 147 level, I have only received a single 38k CD value, and a 40k CD value… this in the past months. And I save these items, I replenish them (destroy the lower values), so I take good notice of them. It’s still chance, but it goes to show that it can be brutal.

I don’t know how exactly the perk values are generated. The system is working just fine, I am just hoping they considered the side effects of the first option, and really hope they are using something closer to the second option I described. Could be a question for the devs, but it’s not of high importance, even if I personally like to discuss these things.

yes we have talked about it also in the past. i have drawn some charts about it too :man_shrugging:
i would also say it is even a wider gap as i receive on lvl148 for the same perk values ranging from 41k down to <30k. and i also have just got 1 or 2 of the 41k in the last few month.
it is bc we are not pleased with a value like 95% of what is max, we like to have 99% or higher… what i do now is keeping items with about 95% as it really is rare to get this or even higher. (but i am not sure if i really max forge them. i do now refine some other and better ones and hope that time is on my side)

the bad thing is that the value is generated by two factors: the level when it dropes which is ± a range where your acc is (cursed one have a higher bias) and a quality factor. so for high max values you need luck on two stages (and this times two: for base and perk … very rare).
as far as i understood we can correct levels by the forge but never the quality factor. so if we accept e.g. 95% it could be a 100% by level but only 90% due to quality. and this is the real thing that i dont like as it can not be seen! i really would like to see the quality factor …

but it is what it is and i take it as a clever balancing method stuff and is rewarding players that pay attention to this.

Well the within level , or quality , or whatever we or they call it, is not visible anymore. I did some tests in the past, and it was clearly visible, so you would see for example a 5% difference in 3 levels of 1* green. I am assuming there is an overlap of the levels, which makes it much harder now to understand the level, and because of no “old forging” where you could see how many “points” an item had, we are lost in calculating exactly that.

95% max, is actually one level less… of course we want one more. But sometimes, it’s not needed, e.g. when you already max something with 2 or 3 items, then you don’t need to have all 3 items maxed on green. You might want to, to show off a higher item, or to allow that item to be used in later levels, but to be honest. I am not using 5* titans on items before I max out. So to discuss about max perks at 99-100% is not a problem right now, they wont help. They also wont help if the perk I am looking for is going to be maxed one way or the other.

Where it does matter, is if you can’t max a particular perk on a hero… be it main power, or a perk which is hard to max, and you dont want to spend too many items on it. That would be good if its maxed, but again… a few % more of the perk, or a few more numbers in value, won’t make a big difference… it’s just a numbers game, and people enjoy it. If you are smart about it, you can do wonders.

Why do you say you are not max forging? Max forging is just using 4* on dismantles, and 5* on titans, but we all get around that, saying we max forged until 1* titan and then use 1* titans to finish the cycle.

If you mean selecting, or refining… well that’s “efficient” or “max efficient” on your level. Furthermore you can get on to “max efficient on hero & item availability”, but that’s up for debate, as it depends what each of us wants to achieve. But if we all set the same target, that would be a fun mini-competition, which is regardless of level and everyone can participate.

@CaptainMorgan been thinking to suggest such a forum feature for quite some time now.

this is a missunderstanding. i do max forge, but not everyone of those “>95%-possible” ones. sometimes if it takes too long to find what i need or i have enough gold and time i bring such items up to titan 1* with max forge and relace other titans, but i am not sure if this really is a good idea bc of the reasons mentioned above and those 2 (float) factors that make it harder to get what we like (you need to times luck in a row and with every level we rise it gets harder (bc we would only like to have an absolute value just right below what is max possible)

Exactly its irrelevant to max forge. If you can’t get the max titan 5* possible, its a different story. But you could only be off by a factor of 10% max.

So if you max forge a low “value” item for your level, you get say 150k while its possible to get 165 with the right green value. On resistances, it wont matter much, you can probably get 90% with that, but on AS and CD you would be short of %. However as I said if you use 3-4 items, it dont matter.

But thats why its fun to be max level… then all you do is wait for those high values… on all other levels, who cares ??? :joy: