Odyssey - damage reflected statue

in this map the reflected damage of the statue is very high, I politely ask for a check .


I’m making a two skulls, because I was asked to check, actually the statue has very high reflex damage values for the level of skulls


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As you level up there becomes Fewer and fewer advantages to playing low skull odysseys. They’re basically a waste. You’re still going to generate level appropriate enemies, just with lower amounts of odyssey buffs. Since gk stats aren’t directly tied to fame the same way tower health and damage is, I wouldn’t think skull level affects odyssey gk stats much at all. It’s your ascension level that’s the main factor.

I’d go higher skull in the future, and if it’s too difficult for you focus heavy on forging. Unfortunately, you probably leveled up faster than you forged gear. Having low masteries from doing low skull Odyssey adventures also hurts.

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Difficulty levels in Odyssey, this is a mockery, nothing is thought out, in every Odyseye there is a trace of nerve mass, I am close to destroying the computer, I have such anger, I armor regularly, I have units at maximum and spells that I play. Someone thought that the player has a high level and plays for a short time, that he can only have 3 heroes on level 20 and the rest can be on level 19,18,17,16 or level 15 and will die like flies? Nobody took into account that you have to play different heroes, who have different levels and Odyssey level should be matched to the given hero, recently Artemis was treating terribly, I have it on level 15, has all titanium items, rings for 5 * one armor is on 5 *, 2 items two * 2 items one * I fell terribly on the island for 3 skulls, a catastrophe I am not surprised that more than half of the OR players make Odyseye with one hero and they are very strong and they play for 2 or 3 years, nobody is in able to arm all heroes with titans with 5 *, the rest of the diamonds I did with difficulty Odyssey with 7 skulls, I also noticed that without autoplay the army is practically standing still and is very weak, only on autoplay they give advice, something is wrong in this game , there are bad solutions, that’s why people are discouraged from this game, certainly players have a different point of view, who have been playing for several years and do not remember how it was, the same happens with the islands, How to start playing in OR is encouraging, it is good , the player is developing automatically, most fights win and sometimes you can’t win but then you see what the problem is, if any spell is too weak or some item is too weak and it automatically improves so that there is no gap in the fight with opponents but later it becomes strange things and nothing in the game does not work properly, this does not follow the player’s logic. Therefore, later players with high levels go to weak alliances and do not make an Odyssey, not everyone is mentally strong and has as much optimism as I do, but seeing these problems in the game, understands players who go to weaker vegetation alliances,in normal mode, the units do not have power, only in the auto-play system they go as they should, they are too exorbitant levels of difficulty, same on the islands, I have players with level 150, they have 30k forks from the Odyssey, they play OR for years and I play only 8 months, so why are they on my islands, how do I get the cups? if I didn’t have diamonds and if I didn’t have the maximum number of units I made and I bet, I would leave this game and how many players can afford diamonds, 5% 15%? It is not possible that in a short time all heroes had titanium armor for 5 * Nobody is able to get so much gold, you need to improve everything first, to later invest all gold in heroes, I take breaks, I do not improve defense and attack only invests in heroes and later again I improve defense and attack. the same with the guards, they can’t be killed, I often use two invocations and they are still standing, they can not kill me at the gate, it is also paranoia.I can’t kill him

and also something does not understand in this game, why improve the units, lose a huge amount of gold and time as they are not needed in the attack, as the hero wins the fight, just invest gold only in the heroes, the hero should help the units and not the other way around.The strength of the attack should be determined by units and spells and the hero should help in this, make a difference

It is true that when I finished the waves I made the leap of two levels - and I am 147 from 2 days ago, I didn’t have time to make material - but the fact remains that in the specific map I inserted is really stratospheric reflection, ( in theory the skulls determine the difficulty)

if the designated update is very “tasty” for me, I never use the designated hero, I don’t have all the heroes equipped perfectly, a little for laziness and some that some of them I don’t like at all hihihih

I refer here to the idea of Archimides for the “blind” map in war, which I find really interesting … the part that worries me most is PvE - for two factors: 1. wars are good because you play against your opponents “alive” 2. could calibrate the values so badly, this is frustrating, in the sense that if I have to spend gems to win a “live” opponent I am very happy, if I have to give gems to a “car”, it bothers me. this thought arises from how they distributed the values (towers, barricades, statues, etc.) in the Odyssey.

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The skulls determine the amount of odyssey buffs an adventure has, but odyssey buffs don’t make a huge difference unless they’re concentrated in a few areas. Even with one skull adventures you’re drawing maps that you could meet on your islands. So if you’re having difficulty with same level enemies on your islands, doing one or two skull Odyssey’s isn’t going to be much easier.

the difficulty now I find with the 150 levels - but because I have not yet forged and re-balanced my heroes - this I will do after the war, I am not able to bear the costs - I have to prepare my progress plan

sometimes in order not to lose the advances even if small of the odyssey due to the books (high cost 15 / 16K) I have to go short of skulls - now they are in the phase of improvement last levels of evocations and they cost a lot - to something I will have to give up, then if you have a suggestion you will appreciate it a lot.

The defensive waves you just upgraded were a mistake. They offer almost no defensive benefit, jack up your level, and cost a ton of wisdom you could be using on forging or they odyssey. The only advice I can give you is to completely freeze your level. Use your wisdom on forging.


:slight_smile: … Kiss kiss

I did the waves last, before spells though. The offer so few advantages over leveling up 2-3 levels.

I saved one for level 149 to get a small boost, as with one main building too, a resource of some sort

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I’m in exactly the same place. I have one left to do. They’re basically just paying to level up, though. They’re really useless. @CaptainMorgan, maybe it’s something to take a look at? Make that last wave upgrade give more than 1 morale? It’s bad value right now.


I already have the maximum invocations and that of the heroes of war and statue, I miss 1-2 levels of the “secondary” however I agree with the revision requested by D.

I made the waves to boost the levels and start finding better objects, and then reforged, it made no sense to redo everything for a single level of ascension. and the values of objects at 147 have good potential to fight the 150

The value of items at 140 have just as much potential

In my opinion, you do them either last, or one per level… otherwise you struggle your first weeks of being +2 or +3 levels up.

The worship amount is ridiculously high… as it is for some buildings. Gaining a lot of levels, fast, to get better items doesnt work that simple. You need a full 2 weeks to make any green, a silver titan 5* (refined).

If it takes you 2-3 weeks to find all your green items for all you main heroes (4-5 of them), you will have a terrible experience for 1 month or so.

And if you aren’t raiding crazy with these heroes, or buying a bunch of chests, there is really no real “effective benefit”.

We all just want to be “big”, but in this game it takes planning and patience


yes yes you are right, for this reason I have already prepared many 4-star objects of every color (except red, not many) ready for forging, a month if you apply yourself with “devotion” - in fact I blocked everything and as I said before preparing the progress plan, if you do not use the methodology it makes absolutely no sense to quickly level up, surely always stay on the line and do not overdo it, I was wrong to raise the waves as D. told me.