Odyssey Island Stats

For future versions after the upcoming one could specific statistics or indications on the level of boosts 

(especially for barricades and Nex) be added for odyssey islands.

Just helps a lot when deciding whether to use a weaker hero or not (i.e. non-war and less forged). For me it’s

not about max/min gemming or potential large wisdom waste it’s more about minimizing frustration in gameplay.


I really don’t have too many issues / problems with the Odyssey … but I do have one peeve.  Basically there is not enough wiggle room with the fame points - if you want to get all the chests.  You pretty much ~have~ to use the honored hero - and you ~have~ to run the majority of stages at the highest level you have unlocked.  I have 3 heroes with multiple cursed items - all pertaining to the odyssey, but never get picked for the odyssey!  I can only run 2 islands each week with 1 of these heroes (unless I want to sacrifice a chest).  At this rate it’s going to take 10 weeks to free his curse.

Yeah, that’s my least favorite curse at the moment. Actually the VP curse is. I’m not taking a rando hero to war just to break a curse. But the odyssey curse is second worst. 

VP curse on accessories are fine. 

Wow… did … we just agree on something?

See, you’re coming around!