Odyssey Quests Feel Unbalanced Again

Maybe it’s the new splash damage rules, or just that Odyssey quests don’t scale well at higher levels, but they’re feeling a little out of control right now.

It seems like the cycle is they get harder and harder and harder and then nerfed. I think we’re about at the nerf-point.

One suggestion is just to even them out a little bit. A 7 skull should never be harder than an 8 or 9 skull, but if the enhancements are heavily weighed towards a couple of different features (like barricades and one tower that’s heavily used), that’s exactly what happens. Maybe put a cap on what % any particular feature can be enhanced, and raise that as the skull level increases.

Or just show us what’s being enhanced (and by how much!) so we can plan and prepare better. Or complain when we get a 6 skull with barricades enhanced by 26%.

Ok, thanks!

Agree with all …

Time ago I was worried about Odyssey’s  bonuses being uncapped and what was going to happen in the long run, with newer players never able to catch up … but I guess now that after all they did put a cap, sort of. The Odyssey enemies bonuses seem to raise their difficulty at a faster rate than players - as in, for every 4% we get they get a 5 or 6% extra bonus for example.

So in the long run, even if players bonuses don’t have an hard coded cap, it will sort of be there as it’ll get impossible to do even a 1-2 skull mission.

I personally think masteries overestimated. I feel i am changing something with another thing but all they are not game changing at all… 

Can we get an update on what’s happening here?

Odysey quests requires too much gold. I am not playing all the day this game. I think that game developers want that we waste all our time with this game. Sleep with phone or pc, wake up with phone or pc :wink: I choose real life!!! Please fix this too much gold payments for quests.

Gold costs are fine for me, no one says you have to do 5 lvl 10s, I do just enough to get all of my chests. Feels manageable, but I acknowledge this may be an issue for some

That’s still 52 million gold. 

But what I’d like to see fixed is the dumb rule that odysseys get harder as your powers and units get enchanted. Sometimes the only option you have is a unit you don’t use often, a power you almost never use, or to skip the adventure. So not only are you spending resources and probably gems to enhance something you don’t want, but it makes all your future odysseys harder. Fuck that.