Odyssey skull-vs-ascension mismatch

Hello developers,

While playing Odyssey today, the first 4 adventures went without a hitch. However, when I opened the 5th & final adventure, I selected ONE SKULL (for hero leveling & Gold), and got the following islands, much to my surprise. 

These challenges are almost 200% of my ascension level, complete with Helios, Griffins & Phoenixes. This has never happened before.

I regret to bother you at this busy time. Can you please check at your convenience (before the Odyssey ends)?

Thanks in advance. ?

@CaptainMorgan I think you should see this thread.I only find these kind islands in 10 skull islands but with Gold portraits.

@AriesRising Thanks for this, this should not be possible, but we have found out why. We will fix it today but it will not fix your Odyssey.

OK, even if it doesn’t benefit me, I’m pleased that it will benefit the community at large. Much appreciate your prompt intervention ☺️

This is now fixed.