Odyssey's Honored Hero..!

Is it possible to get a same hero 4 times in the row in same Odyssey??

If yes, then why. ? 

Never happened to me before, that’s why I’m asking. 

Thank you.

Hey @Onelove007,

Which Hero is taken as the Honored Hero is completely random, based on the Heroes available to you, so yes it is possible, but unlikely.

Unlikely but still possible… Maybe having the same hero during an odyssey only for max 2 times as example would be good…

@ataide Got it , thx :slight_smile:  

I tried it 10 skull with Jason, god damn it was hard , but still got it . Btw reminded me the days when we had all war blessings active , and we were in the war against SEAL , it was hell of a mess and fun ?? 

Yes! I miss the defenses with full blessings, even without the enhancements it makes such difference… It feels like a walk in the park most of the time now compared to before. #goodoldtimes

 I had Hercules 2 times.

Yes, my Odysseus was the Honored Hero 4 times during the Christmas Odyssey! I was very surprised. As a result, I obtained Asterion (Ariadne’s unique boots) from the Sea Chest as a reward.  :slight_smile:

The next question is: is it possible to have the same Honored Hero 5 times? 

Probably yes, maybe with two Unique Items as rewards… 


I got many time 2 time the same Hero but never 3 or 4. So I guess the chance for 5 its close impossible at 0%

I got artemis 3 times in a row a few weeks ago. That was fun.

long time ago lol. Last week i got Prometheus 3 times in a row (Beurk). I still looking for the first 4 time in a row.

What’s happening! 5 Times Ody advanture and I got 4 times “Artermis” …it’s horrible lol I don’t even want to take this shjt hero but you gave me it, and 2-4 times appear in ody adventure with a shjt hero like that so horrible

Sad yeah i also get Artemis , Ajax and Prometheus only during odyssey for past five six months???

True Artemis is the worst, weakest, laziest of all heroes. We need hulk instead of her.??

The Problem is: she need time to use her skills and she be kill by Towers while she is using her skill “couldn’t run, couldn’t attack for Life of hit work”…While other heroes, their skills work immediately …

why they gave us a shjt hero like that …5 skills for her, take a lot of time to upgrade for nothing…her fire skill even couldn’t take down 10% health of barricades ?‍♀️

@Madlen Odyssey Advanture for All Heroes, So Each Hero should to go only 1 times…even shouldn’t twice, bug gave me 4 times , or it’s not bug???

Ajax needs good use of his devour strength and frenzy. Don’t kill units when you are close at corners with towers that will cause you a lot of damage. Just go for the barricades, recover and move out fast. I don’t have much problems with him lately, and I have not forged him

Prometheus needs really good use of his power, but he can be problematic. I am not an expert with him, but Frenzy invo helps, just 1 at a tough corner and you are through… blasts everything in seconds.

Artemis has a big problem… indeed. She troubles me the most, so I am skipping her lately a lot, I don’t even bother, the worst part is her dying 4 times and losing the wisdom for islands. She and Ariadne are my big problems. But Ariadne I could work better maybe, just don’t have the time to build her properly.

I think Odyssey should not regive you the same hero. I would prefer if the Odyssey will give you 5 different Hero. let’s hope this new change in future version

PS : Really hope the next hero planning to be added in the game will be better than Artemis. What was his name Apollo? Please with a shield :slight_smile: