Of the Advisor's Language Problems

Picture shows all lol…no need to swear to try to coax me into using gems to finish the upgrade. It ain’t gonna work lol. Never seen that in the game before, is it new?

Mine uses fouler language

…it’s sad isn’t it…no need for language in a game for kids lol

Haha, at least they covered it up with @!#($%* lol. Seriously…big language problem  :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

i’d like more bad language in this game

Are you for real…?

She is serious

I like her , she is on crack

I introduce the tutorial Adoviser in a screenshot and paste it here(How to rare respond to this advisor?)

Pls press “retreat” in the tutorial, the advisor comes ,you can see angry advisers… :rolleyes:

BUT I can not play games (account ban?) just now :slightly_frowning_face: I am a leader。。It is a serious problem :unsure: hummm



Yes…although it isn’t quite that big of a deal, it is quite obvious that this is a children’s game (I mean, just look at the graphics, very cartoony). I’m not saying it’s not made for older people as well, but I just think you need to take into account everyone that is going to play the game. Some will have problems with it, some won’t :slight_smile:

It`s not that rude in German Language. 

I see your point of view. This is not aimed at you personally. It’s a game based on fighting, weapons and spells to kill your enemies. Cartoonish or not, if you were offended by “damn it” maybe you should avoid games with any violence whatsoever. We are aiming to live in a cotton candy society with everything being just nice and positive so nobody gets offended. What I’m saying is that grow a thicker skin and deal with it and I doubt any kid will be shocked by such nonsense.

I wasn’t saying  I  was offended by it, but it just caught me off, guard. Wasn’t expecting it. 

parents who have kids playing may not want to see this kind of stuff in a kids game

yes…I am. Very serious. Kids games do not have swearing. At least, no swearing implemented into the game system. In alliances other people will lol, but no other kids game that I have seen has language IN the game

I guess game is adviced to be +13 or something. Kids at this age use worse language, it can even be noticed in in game chat or any other rr2 platforms :slight_smile: I don’t personally see an issue with ‘damn it’

Certainly not an issue with 13+, but with smaller kids not sure that should be there. I don’t have a problem with it really, but I’m just suggesting to flare to maybe not have that haha

So kids at lower age shouldn’t be playing this game at all or under parent’s approval, so if they do play it, automatically it is considered that their parents were fine with it. Of course in theory because obviously even if their parents had a brief look on the game, they certainly won’t notice any issues with it. The game has a chat build in game that equals a possiblity to encounter way worse language. 

yes, lol, you are right :wink: