% of the skull bonus

do you know the skull bonus, of the equipments: cape, weapon, ring, belt, glove?

Honestly I don’t understand the question.

Do you mean you want to have an overview for total skulls per raid when you make a sum of the skull percentages of items?

Or do you want to know max skull percentage possible per item? Max per item is close to 7%, somewhere around 6.9%+.

Here an overview for total skulls per raid depending on total skull percentage. I added view for skull percentage just under 30% total till 33%. Of course I have a more detailed sheet, but can’t attach it here.


I want to know the maximum% per item … but you answered my question: “max per item is close to 7%, somewhere around 6.9% +” … Thanks.

However the picture you sent is also interesting.

cape- 6.5
weapon- 6.5
glove- 6.5
ring- 6.5
belt - 8

I have cape, weapon, glove and belt already at 6.65, that it shows 0.00% doesn’t mean it’s max. From 6.5% -> 6.6% you need 18 forges.



thanks for the board.
I have a question the figures that are shown do not depend on the% of departure of the item?

Numbers depend on item only. Total skull percentage is sum of all 5 skull items. Rarity level of skull item does not matter.

So if your heal ring has for example just reached 6.1%, then 5 forges later on the skull perk means you will reach 6.2%

Forgot to say thank you to @mss73, he gave us the information of forges. I just added them to a list.


Hi Dena4,
Is there an overview updated total skulls per raid based on the total percentage of skulls?
Since the festival where it was possible to get the cape with a double skull bonus.


I have that overview at my office. But @Lee8006 gave already the values.

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Thanks you for the overview

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