Off- Season- 5 days where royal revolt 2 gets boring :(

Hello everyone,

The new updates have definitely made alliance wars interesting , personally whenever a war finishes, there is a 5 days gap , in which I don’t feel like playing the game anymore. It is a request that you guys create a new feature in the gap of alliance wars( Not linked with Alliance wars though), which will make this game more interesting.

Your crazy user

It is 5 day without stress , 5 day to freely change my base design , 5 day to upgrade fram , 5 day to get good sleep (war start at mid-night in my country) . So i would prefer it this way .

I generally take those days off from royal revolt or do a little upgrading.

I need those 5 five days of peace  :stuck_out_tongue:

Its frustating, i cant find decent gold in war break

Now 3 4 worker free

And almost everytime i login is just to chat not to play its game


Mine is the opposite worker wise. Straight after the war I gold gold to upgrade what I wanted now I have no workers free for another 18 hours apart from in 6 hours due to doing a barricade. At one point all but 1 worker had 2 days+. So for me this break is really boring but I need upgrades for next war. Going up one level on things due to upgrade times isn’t what i wanted though


I don’t have that problem

I just collected 9M gold in a row to upgrade my Heal spell  

Last night i need another 1mill to upgrade my tower, i search for an hour, search by alliance from highest to lowest rank

And did 100k 200k raid to be able get that 1mill :slightly_frowning_face:

I get more gold in war season . Strange lol

Yes I have wizard tower upgrading for sonic blast and troop academy for higher max levels