Off Topic:When the alliance update will come?(You announced it like 3 weeks ago)

It’s like three weeks already.And my patience is thinning.Seriously?Announce it when there is like 1 week left or you should do countdown.

If you’re not a patient fellow, I suggest you unsubscribe from their news announcements or FB page. :wink:

And it hasn’t been 3 weeks. It’s been 2.


But it’s how they build up excitement for their upcoming features. Just have to roll with it. :slight_smile:

From Jason’s video its about 2 weeks from now , hope that’ll help keep you calm a little bit

boring! alliance will just count accumulated trophies,

and adding some logo`s there and maybe can just leave short message there…

and that take so long time to change this minor update

thats just a guess , it could be different because Flare always came up with a surprise little detail   :grinning:

Alliance and  Guild  will be introduced in 2 weeks.Noted it down in your calendar !  :stuck_out_tongue:




Nothing is impossible dude. :grinning:

Two more weeks.Argh.

I m excited if there is any new tower!!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

dose any body know about that?..

my worker is ready to build some of alliance base,but the update is like take years after sneak peek shown up,

i wonder if my worker could help up the flare team here… lol

I wonder chat system added?

chat system will be added but probably not global chat maybe just between alliance member