Offense again is overpowered return to where we were

We are right back where we started from 3 or 4 months ago. Offense is overpowered, and no matter how much you max your towers ot forge your base defense is again irrelevant. 

Was there a nerf to firebolt towers? How can I stand in front of max firebolt , with 94 forges , with no fire armour and just not die? 

Why did I waste Pearl’s forging if the tower does no damage?

Again, exactly where we were before all the updates. 

Are you using a heal aura ring or a heal pal? If so, then that’s the problem. If not, then this still doesn’t show that offense is OP. Sonic Blast and all spells with Blunt Damage were severly hurt by the defensive buff and offensive nerf a few months ago. Towers like Skull Towers are still very deadly and can only be taken down quickly through spells like Blizzard or pals and Guardians like Fritz and Trusty

Flare’s own system/ algorithm thinks offense is overpowered.


Prior to the guardian update, I could still find bases with 1336 medal, the highest in the game, where the system recognizes as the highest difficulty. After the update, I could not find a single base with 1336 medal. Not.a


If flare’s own system/algorithm itself doesn’t even think any base is difficult enough to reward the highest medal, then indeed something is wrong.

When im reading it im always prepare my popcorn


i still think defenses are strong?

@AwesomestKnightest Very good Question that I ask myself. When I see the top 10 they have no more any Skull tower. Since many month. I really think of remove mine from my base. Many don’t use them. So I don’t think with all the boost now around with War Season,Conquest Boost,Special Boost,Elite Boost,etc… Skull Tower are no more relevant. I can be wrong. Many base don’t have them or if they have. they are destroy easily by Guardians or pal now. Skull seem to weaken a base

However i have no clue if Firebolt have got a buff recently. Same at range 1800-2000 a Firebolt maxed and forged kill you now. i have stop count the number of time I have die by a Firebolt recently. I should look my old video of 2 years old. Its possible they have change too their design. The way they shoot seem different?

Firebolt,Snake Tower,Lightning Tower,Heal Tower,etc… seem better to have in a base.

I see many Kings raiding my Base with 0 Stars. Also sometimes I get defeated at the first Corner. Nothing changed in my Opinion.

Only need to nerf penguin and donkey. than everything will be balanced

They ruined sonic blast and hammerstrike, which many people use at least one (I use both), which balences out the new guardians. I absolutley agree with orko, nothings changed.

If they nerf fritz, the game will die on the spot. Its like murdering a cute small animal.

Most of the people wants to play it easy…its no more a a challenging game. Its frustrating to see no matter how many pearls u inject into ur defence…most of the raiders can still rob u the way the want…offence is so much over powered right now. Dnt know why flare did this, if they introduced guardians there should have been something to compensate on the defence side as well, so that the balance remains

Nerfing fritz is nt gona help…ots more about boosting defence to compensate for the guardians

I agree that nerfing Fritz isn’t gonna help. There are a few defenses that could use a buff. A buff is always more acceptable than a nerf

I have a question … madlen could you find out please?

Does a pro league boosted firebolt tower have the same rate of fire as an unboosted firebolt?

My firebolt towers have been pearled to 24% fire rate and my team has level 4 pro boost on them. 

I tested several bases this morning and my firebolts , in my very humble opinion , seem to be firing much slower than the ones on bases with out the pro boost?

So I am starting to wonder is the fire rate decreased when the tower has confusion added?

If so then pro boost mau not be a worthy trade off?

I can try to find out.

Thank you because something has drastically changed. I spent many Pearl’s on these towers and they are not doing their job.



It really is time for new levels for all defensive towers and traps or at the minimum give a serious buff to all defensive towers and traps and perhaps also buff defensive stats on all units. Also think its time to add more morale points to waves. I have one of the most heavily forged bases in the game (Im talking towers traps and units with over 200 forges) and im being beaten easily day and night even in war and conquest im being beaten in skull gear with no scrolls. My base should be nearly impossible for the amount of pearls i spent on it in skull gear should be a required at least 1 timewarp to beat even for top players. Madlen you know its true check my account.

I like comments like that ? make this forum funny 


i have like 100-120+ forged base but like 60% did wrong on on seems you should change the path


defense is very strong now, i have no mood to raid even.


Another delicate subject like Phoebe. Too much factor here. nothing is representative or what happen really. Here the opinion don’t matter much because like Phoebe beast or else. Too much factor can make the game too much unbalanced

Let’s make a resume of what happen right now

Level 1-90 : there you can soloing any base without troops. Just use tammy and guardians. The defense is totally broken there. So I am tempting to say in those levels there is just no defense at all. That explain the many huge quit players movement actually

Level 90-110 : There if you have build a strong path. I am tempting to say defense is really solid there. My defense is really far to be maxed. Only some are at +24 and others at +10. When the most of the time my base is not boosted. So no boost and I stop a huge number of them (between 8% and 36%) if they do 100% then they spend a huge number of gems. I can get +16 or +30 gems in just one fight and gain enough gems during a War. Around 100-200

So imagine 2 seconds if my base was forged at +100 for each tower and traps and my units. Its gonna be insane. Give me frost traps,Ranged Bomb and Storm Cannon and i will probably do 200-500 gems each War

the reason why offense/defense is really delicate and impossible to argue about its because there is too much factor here.For me I will say no the offense is not overpowering and far from it because for me my defense stop a huge number of players. For somebody else he can say the offense is too much OP because his base are beaten day and night for the same level and trophy,etc… No one have the same base and layouts

You can find a level 80 with very tough base same a level 100 will lose. You can fight a level 120 and beat without any problem like a level 60 because his design is badly make and badly forged or upgraded,etc…

I am tempting to say if everyone beat your base. Good chance probably your design is not really well make first. Second you have maybe the wrong units in wave,etc…remember some tower work better with others and worst with some. Like waves some combo are better than others

So here there is too much factor on the go to said well Offense is too much overpowering. No the defense is so strong. No offense is weak,etc…

We will debate during month and month because no one play the same. Some have more skills than others and others well maybe don’t play really well. So for me its not a subject we can debate much. too much factor on the line here

This would be a mistake.

If you remove Guardians from the equation, defenses are OP. Your offensive troops die very fast against top defenses.

If you buff the defense again, the imbalance between troops vs towers would get even bigger! It would be really bad.



Maybe your path is not the best. Maybe you don’t have all the top boosts.



No boosted Vikings.

No boosted Gargoyles

No boosted Gargoyle Towers.

Well at least you got boosted Arblasters. 1 out of 4 top defensive boosts.

You have fantastic forges on your defense, but your defensive boosts are really lacking to be honest.