offense boost 19th aug gmt has not started?

Is this correct I was told it started on the 19th GMT time so that’s past and no boosts active?

same hear…  already 12 hours gone (according to my region)…  but it even not activated 

Yes the support people said its GMT based so it should have started 3hrs 15 minutes ago.

I just wish they would be more transparent about this or use the war banner area for events too.

Then theres a countdown and time remaining … this works for everyone and dates don’t need to be figured out.


There is no exact time when the event starts.

Once it will start, I will post in Official Announcements as usual.

Thank you for your patience.

why flare games is not maintaining same time for the commencement of event???..Time changing for event is sooo annoying…plz maintained the same time for every event

Yup, fixed time is necessary. My gold shield is about to expire as usually events start at 10, I was hoping for the same time. Now need to put another shield, and maybe withing 10-15 minutes the event will come so I will waste it completely.

yah my position is also same like you…ALYSEA please respond to this issue

She already responded, not her fault though, she is not the one who starts those events and has no impact on what is going on. I know she will inform us in the forum when event is about to start but we won’t know if within one hour, or two, or three :slight_smile:


The event starts usually around 10am, German time (so GMT+2 at the moment).

We do not specify an exact starting time as some additional preparations might be needed in order to ensure everything will work properly for you.

Also, the event starts on the 19th August, this is not a time, but a date. :grinning:

I understand the confusion it created for you mohan975, but from what I know, no time has been told either in your request to the customer support. Only the timezone.

Usually people do not work at midnight though :slight_smile:


I don’t mean to be mean but your inference about midnight is offensive. We are a community of international gamers so its always midnight somewhere, nor do we know the inner working or global staffing of flare games. What myself and others have asked for is it to be more definite.

Based on the abstract 19th this could mean anything from the 18th to the 20th so a 3 day window for starting a 3 day event. As you can see hardy definitive.

If you live in Germany then fine you’re lucky as your clocks are in sync.


The time and date we announce are always based on German time, as flaregames is based in Germany. :grinning:

It might be more complicated for people outside of this timezone, but they can have a rough idea of when the event starts, as it will always start during the day-time in Germany.

It’s more simple bros and sis :slight_smile: Since a few previous events were delayed and many players were sad about it, this one has not a set time for it start, so there would be nothing to complain about xD

Pretty strange move though xD Better try and get events working exactly as it was announces, then removing time of the event start completely, so that you would have a whole day to start it without breaking your word xD

Alysea its already 10:55 in German :slightly_frowning_face: :slightly_frowning_face: please Alysea start the event soon… ?

it has started! 


Ok so maybe that needs to be added to posts.

You know theres millions of apps and games out there and researching every one to figure out what they mean and where they are is untenable.

So people can say oh ok between 8am and 5pm CEST on the 19th. That at least keeps it to a day.

Now the only thing left it the end time on the 22nd german time?

It will end on Monday, the exact time is not determined yet. 

Usually the event doesn’t end before 10am German time. 

Are you going to end this event at the time when you started the event???


Thank you for working through this with us …

So thanks for all you have. Done :grinning: