Offense Event did not start for me :-(

Hi There,

the sctual “Boost your Offense Event” did not start for me.  IGN: FBU1

I logged off several times and tried several PC´s with Win64. Everyone else with that Problem, any idea? 



Uhh, that was fast reaction. :grinning: :grinning: Event started 10 seconds after i wrote…


To early happy, i saw the annoncment banner, but no drop in Price or time…?? 

Have you tried to logout for over 5min to refresh your session?

Many thanks, i logged out for a couple of minutes, but i did not kow it it was excalty above 5 Minutes. Maybe i will try ia liitle bit longer when i have a goldshield available in some hours :wink:


YES, it´s working now!  :wink: :wink:  - i was logged off to short maybe 

Sometimes 5mins is also not enough  :wink: . Log off 15mins to be sure.

Yeah thanks, but my Treasure Chamaber was full and no Shield available, therefore i tried to minimize the offline time