Offensive Chokepoints

So, over the past few days I’ve come up with something that is quite awesome (most of you have probably already used this, but, oh well). When a beast comes around after 1 crown, I spawn only cannons to give myself an offensive chokepoint. This way I can turn a players trap into a trap of my own for the beast. Tell me your thoughts on this and whether you have done this before

I do that with archers.

I use arblaster and hoping it’s not a phoebe beast coming with witch doctor backed by boosted bomber tower.

Depends on the opponent, if i am winning easily then no problem i kill beasts with my troops but when it becomes hard and there are less troops with me i just use my insta cannons and kill the beast easily. It’s a huge weakness of beast.

Yes since cannons can take out beasts it is quite a way to get rid of them even before u reach them been using this tactics with cannons and frosters works well 

I call instant cannon 2 times and this is enough for any animals and spikes across the road

pyro monk wolf

blizzard shield bladestorm

ceres pal

Yes, I’ve used this strategy and works very well, I start spamming arblasters so when I meet the beast, it’s already low in hp :slight_smile: