Offensive Unit Usage and Balancing

I would love to see some stats on the frequency of usage for each unit on offense (weighted by morale, of course). Here’s my guess, which we’ll assume is essentially end-game.

  1. Werewolf
  2. Ogre
  3. Monk
  4. Knight
  5. Pyromancer (given its usage after every other war)
  6. Cannon (with the recent beast change)
  7. Paladin (moving up the list recently)
  8. Arblaster (given its usage after every other war)
  9. Mummy
  10. Archer (moving up the list recently)
  11. Mortar
  12. Froster
  13. Viking (the tank everyone should be using if it were easier to boost and perk)
  14. Necromancer
  15. Gargoyle (I would love to see someone use them effectively, it would be awesome)

Ideally these are not too disparate in terms of total usage, but I’m guessing they are. Then again, some like necro and mortar are seemingly meant for defense.

What are your guesses?




cannon, or knight on top.

most players are not in the top 100 / 200, don’t have access to the wolf ogre monk boosts.

Cannon, monk, wolf for me do not use necro as not maxed out yet when reaches max for lvl 11 TR will start to use 

Knight sits on top… Used by players of all level. 

Yeah, that’s why I mentioned at end game :slight_smile:  You can’t assess balance for players that don’t even have units available yet. But knights drop off for most later in the game, I think. Some still use them, though.