Offer for Attack


I’m player level 70.

Sometimes I search for money with button of attack and pay money but its show me persons have 9000,10000 and little more. Is it good? (I change 50-70 time, but nothing just 2-3 offer about 100K gold)

I paid about 100-150K gold but show me 9000!

Please add a rule that player in big level, just show them offers that more than 100K gold or little more than 9000!! :blink:

Sorry about my English.



Being a level 70 king , you should have more than 3000 trophies ? If not then consider climbing up the leaderboard and you’ll see better gold.Don’t waste too much on that new enemy button , maybe around 10-15 spins.Maybe enemy above 150k is okey for you ? I only attack above 200k.Try play less if you’re playing too much.The gold need time to recover , thats well known by most players.