Offer Stuffs for Your Actions in the Game

Over a year I wanted to create this topic but don’t did I have stop play Art of Conquest and I waiting to get the notifications to take screenshot. After 1 year now i update it and check it just for see and I have look I got over 100 message over a year. With rewards inside. We all know Flare don’t like give anything for free and they lose player too each week for this bad decision. No rewards for update,fix or problem. Big mistake from them over 4 years

So i’m glad now to be able to create this and show you what Flare should do in the next month if they want to keep players in the game. Player like to feel appreciated and like to feel developer care about the game and the players. Its not really what we see in RR2 

Here what we should see in RR2 in future

First when you do a update you should give : 100 Gems, 3 Millions de Gold, 500 pearls, 500 vouchers and 1 Pro tickets



You must give us too rewards for each time RR2 meet a problem,crash,freeze or else

Special Gift its also welcome in a daily basic. free gift each day from your part

Same when you do just a maintenance break you must offer us rewards

in general all mobiles are like that just RR2 offer nothing for each actions or problem happen and make player feel bad and ignored. its one of the major reason why player stop playing this game

I will also take screenshot from my game WWE Champions and Magic Rush where developer do the same

by example in WWE Champions developer give us 500 Hell in a Cell keys to allow us to open briefcase to collect new rosters. During this event

So here we expect during a Blacksmith Event you will give us like 2000 pearls to allow us to profite of the BS Event. During Alliance Party give us 500 gems and so on…



“flare does not like to give anything for free” That is totally true, when the first conquest event ended, they launched the DISCOUNT OF THE ALLIANCE CASTLE, knowing that we all ended up without gems after the conquest way, this they did with the purpose of that we spend money on GEMAS.

At that moment I realized that FlareGames is more interested in their economic well-being than the well-being of their players.

I understand that for us this is a game, but for them it is a BUSINESS, but there must be a balance between GAME and BUSINESS, which they are not respecting, they only see BUSINESS in everything they do.

And you are absolutely right to say that “THE PLAYER LIKES TO FEEL APPRECIATED” and FLAREGAMES has been doing the opposite in these last months (years).

My friends and my alliance of more than 3 years old and with more than 50 members, we support your idea brother   @Warriornator


“a flare no le gusta dar nada gratis” Eso es totalmente cierto, cuando terminó el primer evento de conquista, lanzaron el DESCUENTO DEL CASTILLO DE LA ALIANZA, sabiendo que todos terminamos sin gemas despues del modo conquista, esto lo hicieron con la finalidad de que gastaramos dinero en GEMAS.

En ese momento me di cuenta que a FlareGames, le interesa mas su bienestar economico, que el bienestar de sus jugadores.

Entiendo que para nosotros esto es un juego, pero para ellos es un NEGOCIO, pero debe haber un equilibrio entre JUEGO Y NEGOCIO, el cual ellos no están respetando, solo ven NEGOCIO en todo lo que hacen.

Y tienes toda la razón al decir que “AL JUGADOR LE GUSTA SENTIRSE APRECIADO” y FLAREGAMES a estado haciendo todo lo contrario en estos ultimos meses (años).

Mis amigos y mi alianza de mas de 3 años de antigüedad y con mas de 50 miembros, apoyamos tu idea hermano @Warriornator


Over 3 years we said them give us rewards when you do a update. give us rewards when something broke on your side like a Server breakdown of 4 days,etc… Also RR2 have event so they should give us starting rewards to allow us to profite of each events

Blacksmith : 2000 free pearls to forge a little stuffs

Alliance party : +500 gems to allow to build alliance tower

Castle,Offense and Defense : +5 Millions to able to do at least 1 or 2 upgrades

Granny : +1 millions and 50 gems

and so on…

this way new players will feel happy to able to do each events and feel happy to improve their accounts fast and when a problem happen they will see Flare care about them.

Flare really need to start to do like everyone else in mobile games. RR2 will not survive longer this way if Flare continue do nothing and show no love,no care,nothing. I have stop counting the lost of players since 4 years. 1 Million to 100k maybe. a drop of 90% lost because of this : no rewards,no compensation and more

when I enter in WWE Champions and see they offer us rewards for bugs and offer us special gift during event. I have no fear to admit I have spend over 200$ in the game. Because the developer there care of us. no fear to admit I will spend more and more

when I enter Magic Rush and see they do the same. I have spend money too and will continue to do it

RR2 is far to receive any dollar from me. No with this kind of bad action and bad attitude since 4 years. If they want more money from people they must earn it first in 4 years its not done. RR2 dead state show Flare don’t have learn how business work. I am not sure they earn enough money like they suppose to earn

Hello Warriornator, I have forwarded your idea. Your idea actually helped me to think about another idea haha.