Offical: Forum Migration

Hey everyone,


The Royal Revolt forums are moving to another server with a new URL to become part of the main flaregames forum.


The move will most likely take place sometime this week and take a few hours in which the forum will not be available.


After the move, a redirect will be implemented that leads from this page to the new one.


All your data will be saved and transferred over as well. There should be no noticeable change on the forum user’s side.




Jona for the flaregames team



Update: The migration has been postponed to next week due to technical reasons.


New date: Between the 6th and 10th of April.

We came across some technical issues while doing a test run for the migraton today.


The new migration date has been set for this Friday.


Thank you for your understanding.

The forum has migrated to its new home.


A redirect has been established to link from the old URL to this one.


Thanks you for your patience while the forums were offline.