Offical: Win 5000 Gems with the Rate my Base anniversary episode!

Prepare your self…

I don’t think it is a good idea. It’s better if you give everybody a gems since its your 1 year Anniversary.

come on Flare be more generous this time… :slight_smile:

something special ?? this is crap. this game is pay to win and the nr one position is not doable for normal players wich are not in that position yet . top 100 players might not even need gems . instead do something where all players have a chance . this is saying alot about flare at the moment . they not care . they only care bout money and now they give away gems to a person who might not even need it and pay to be nr one .

getting sicker every day with flare here . sorry to say it but this is prove that they dont care alot something for all players instead of the nr 1 player .

not interested

This is basically a stripping and dumping competition between SK , VL and Immortal but I understand Flare’s intention is to create some kind of a competition higher up to maybe bring a lil bit of fun , well I’ll have fun stripping down Tran Minh from lower rank


You might have noticed that only choose to promote this event on the forums. The forums are the place where many of the top players from all over the world gather. Since normal raffles are not of interest to many of them, we decided to hold a competition for higher level players only for a change. If you read the post, you will also see that we state that additional gems will be raffled away to mid- and lower level players on the day the episode airs.


We are well aware that no mid level player will work his way up to rank 1 within a week. The event is clearly aimed at veteran players and meant to foster additional competition at the highest levels of play.





As already spelled, one person can not win. This will be a “war of alliances”.Strong alliance will agree which of their players should get a lot of trophies.As a result, they do not need these 5000. This will be a game for fun, and not much else.


The 5000 gems are more of a “symbolic” prize. We understand that the real draw for this will be the top Alliances trying to ensure one of their members is at the top.

I hope its not the gulid wars. :grinning:

After last mini update, we need real update Jona

Any alliance thats interested can contact me so we can arrange a temporary partnership between your alliance and my alliance Todesritter about stripping your rival alliance lol kidding  :lol:

Fii nami please visit my base.

I need your throupys. :slight_smile:

Jona you should probably add some times for other counties as well since not everyone can adjust time to their region…I have trouble sometime doing it myself so here is some. Please correct me if I am wrong,




9:59 pm USA pacific standard time (my time)

12:59 am USA  eastern standard  time

6:59 am UTC

7:59am Germany

1:59 pm China


Good luck to everyone trying to win. I know it may not be ideal for most and sadly there are probably like 50 players that are competing but this is a cool mini event.More gems will be given away in a standard raffle as well!!! Wait… nah just kidding this is alliance wars!!! haha lol no that’s a cruel joke =p.


This is a mini event! Alliance wars will be coming soon and even I have no idea on what it will be yet but I hear it will be sooner than we think! Look for sneak peeks soon on facebook and possibly videos!

About time jason wivart :slight_smile:

If the alliances were smart, they would get one of their ‘lower’ members with a lvl 10 alliance tower up to that slot, with the requirement that they use the gems to max their tower. Everyone wins :sunglasses:


Except for us working class of course :lol:


good idea

Is it 9.59 am or pm

Bet: SK member will win.

maybe me and all other Todesritter should strip SK top 10 then to ruin your bet ?  :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this idea.