These should be fixed, officer’s basically have the same power as a general, captain’s shouldn’t be able to launch strikes in war’s, not alot of differences between the 3 rankings, 


The way the system currently works is that Captains are meant for aiding war management, making them the actual officers (They are of no use for anything else, there is a veteran rank to show importance without any permissions). Officers are like vice commanders, as they can manage alliance buffs, edit descriptions and carry out other important functions the general may not always have the time for. Essentially, the system sparks from the fact that we cannot control permissions for roles and this is the workaround to manage those.

Hence, don’t really feel like the system is flawed too much and a better fix suggestion would be to give us the ability to set custom permissions.

EDIT: I see you are frustrated with what happened and this would probably only strengthen the relevance of the custom permission system over the simple reduction of the rank functions.

Captains are pretty useless as things are now. Having the ability to call strikes is too important. They should be able to recruit only. 


I would like to customize permissions, because I don’t want all my captains to be able to call strikes. Maybe add another role, titled “Recruiter”. 

I concur with @dumpster. Captains should not be able to call strikes. Strikes are way too important for a captain to call.

An incident occurred in my alliance when me (an officer) and my general kept planning where to strike, what to do, etc etc when suddenly, a Captain in the alliance launched a strike way too early and against the wrong island thereby wasting time and a much needed strike so all the strategic plannings went down the drain.