Official infos to 5.1.1.?

hello, did i miss the official patch notes for game version 5.1.1.?

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If you’re referring to the war changes… no, and many players and alliances are upset. It would have been nice to know well in advance and maybe have a banner notice in the game app to notify all players.


i think that was done by a server maintenace. if i have to download/upgrade the game from the store it is a client change. and therefore i do not find any notes. the last one was 5.1.0. that was documented and 2 or 3 server maintenaces. maybe i am wrong but i do play 5.1.1. now.
edit: but maybe this goes together.

The update notes were the same notes from 5.1.0
Maybe they adjusted for bugs found…

then they should report and inform which ones. maybe they just forgot due to minor change. maybe it was a small hidden change that can effect everything. maybe something done to the forge mechanism or how uniques work or structues or perks? :grinning:

@Madlen is today a holiday for keenflare?

It was. The team are back today :+1: