Official: Troop losses in Conquest Wars

Kings & Queens,

Some time ago we promised a more in-depth look into how Troop losses in Conquest Wars are calculated. Our devs have written down this small guide for it. Please note, there are some more small things happening in the background which we can’t go into detail about so what we mention below is the overall general guideline.

I hope you enjoy reading and find it useful.

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Troops losses in Conquest Wars

When a war is over, both sides may lose troops. This calculation is done per alliance, not per player.

So if an Alliance member lost a lot of Skulls in the war, and did not fight, he will still lose the same fraction of Troops as the rest of the Alliance.


The loser Alliance will lose all of their Troops. But:

  • there is a tech called “Remaining Troops (Lost War)” that allows you to keep some

  • if the tech, for example, is ‘40%’ and the player has 200 troops, he will have saved 80 troops.


The winner Alliance will always keep a large amount of them, but it depends on how well the Alliance did

  • In a Supreme Victory, you can lose a maximum of 50% Troops

  • In a normal victory, you can lose a maximum of 85% Troops

  • The more Skulls the enemy Alliance has, the more Troops you will lose. But your own Alliance can make up for it by gaining even more skulls.

You will tend to lose the maximum amount of Troops, the closer the enemy gets to the Alliances’ own amount of Skulls.

And you will basically lose no Troops at all if the enemy did not gain any skulls.

LostAmount = NumTroops * MaxLossFraction * Min(1, NumLoserAllianceTroops / NumWinnerAllianceSkulls)


Okay… Thank you Madlen for explanation.

But wouldn’t it be more logical that when for example 30% troops remaining after losing a war is researched that you max can lose 70% instead of 85%? The winner in a closed war is punished more hard the way it is now implemented. 

Say only one person is fighting on both sides and the result in skulls is just a few, the loser keeps 30%, while the winner keeps just 15% of his troops? Totally makes no sense at all to me, when I lose more troops, it still feels to me like losing, since it costs my team more troops. 

I realize that due to this specific research the losses of a winner can be higher, but I would then also expect a research making sure that by winning less troops are lost. 

Say for yourself, say you win a close war without SV. What chance does the group have after that victory, with just 15-20% troops remaining on a SV, when an opponent immediately jumps on them? I would say, the odds are very low in that case, so when raiding that pack with a few players can then pin numerous players. 



Hi Dena,

Thanks for the feedback. Please note this is not a discussion thread, but only for questions in case you have any. :slight_smile: