Ogre Attack Fail

During a recent attack i was raiding with Ogre’s / Mummies / and Pyromancers as soon as i reached the Castle gate i had around 20 seconds left with 3 Mummies and 1 ogre’ and another 1 Ogre on it’s way, i was half way through the life of the castle gate when i noticed that the Ogre was NOT doing any damage to the Gate because the Mummies were blocking it ! How ridiculous is that i ended up losing around 18 trophies all because the Ogre was not attacking the gate like it should be just for the fact that 3 Mummies were in front ! As if he couldn’t find the right position.


I also noticed that when attacking with monsters it’s always better to just have 1 by your side and keep the rest behind you or ahead of you ( If you have enough time left ) I say this because when you need to fall back to re-gain some health and 2 or more Monsters are ahead of you, by the time you re-gain some health and try to past them the barely even budge it takes up A LOT of seconds just to push them a side and take lead again.


The monsters also have their Pro’s of course but these are just some things i noticed earlier while attacking.

Yeah somehow monster on your side will also block your hero road, making your hero slow. Thats the con of using monster for offence. 

Disadvantages of using monsters.

If you stay put and summon mummies, they stack on top of each other lol

I found two or three time, Gagoyles which appear from the Gate when King is attacking run back to their Gate.

For the King is something like: move a boulder as the mummy, but the same thing with the other monsters. So heavy…  :lol:

Ogre’s as the dumbest. When testing my base with Ogres on offense, I see that the ogre is stuck on a choke point because of a firebolt tower which it can reach to knock off and it still doesnt move from there.


And when I tried using monsters very quickly it became evident that 2 or 3 huge monsters will block your way and I faced the same thing where i had 4 mummies at castle gate and 2 ogres and they had not space. It even applies to gargoyles. Even though they fly, they always wait like a good drive on a highway, never overtaking anyone in front as it is a single lane :wink:


They should not be waiting for the traffic. They should fly on top of everything.

I still dont get Werewolf and its fear factor. What is the effect of fear? who is affected?


Another think i noticed is when you have mummy in the waves, they will stun our troops and even the Hero will hav ethe effect on him, but he moves normally and is not stun like the troops.

Werewolf’s fear will make troops run away from werewolf and give hero a breathing space for awhile I guess ? But its not very effective :\ effect lasted 2 sec ?

The same thing happens with the Mummies if you a few of them while attacking the Gate… some they get stuck :confused: I know that the monsters are supposed to be low on IQ but come on!