Ogre gets perma-slowed down

I noticed multiple times today throughout the ninja event that my ogre got slowed down permanently even without enemies around or towers that could slowdown. Not even ice effect was present around him.

The frequency i’d say is high 50%. It’s bad for the raid because it slows down all the troops behind that have higher walk speed.


OS: Windows 10 PC

Ogres don’t follow my king when I attack strong bases which have pro boosted version of firebolt tower and I lost trophies during last war season (unfortunately my alliance was in the corner between 2 alliances which finished in the first 2 places).

Now i noticed it happens also during normal raids.

This hasn’t happened to me yet, and I have Windows 10 PC. I’m gonna test it out

i counted the seconds more than 30 seconds they walk very slow it could be more but my king died lol. so i couldnt count anymore.

I agree as well, but I have noticed it predominately after using a Timewarp Scroll or the Posion slow down effect; I have lost precious time this way - This is a major bug

Same here 


@PaSte @Archimedes

check this topic please

really its strange thing

You don’t expect a response, do you?

If they won’t respond to Cromka, they won’t respond to anyone (help us, Cromka-1 Kenobi, you’re our only hope).

Anyone except Flotha anyway…

Its a week end) just need patience, they are have to rhavr rest too)


btw its not a crutical proplem, for sure they will fix soon

They dont fix anything fast except bugs that makes them lose out on us gemming. Think back to all the times things were fixed super fast. It was always things that HURT FLARE. Honest truth is they dont give a shit about us. And if they are low on cash they should fire flo cause he aint doing shit either but taking a paycheck for sitting on his ass.

I have no idea why you think it. Im sure they will fix

Oh they may fix it, maybe this month, maybe next month, maybe the month after…Bug fixes should be a priority not something they do when they have nothing else to do.

This is a serious problem as it is happening to tons of players (except me lol). Based on all the complaints I’d say flare may fix this fairly soon. It shouldn’t be that hard to fix

You are right here. Just need understand- they have not unlimited resources?

I`m pretty sure, they have very limited resources …

I’m pretty sure this has never happened to me, yet.

I don’t really use toxic cloud yet because it’s not maxed. Maybe that’s why I haven’t experienced this bug.

And thats the main reason

i’m not sure but i think stone ninjas create this bug

im with you opelle, im sure of that too