Ogre gets perma-slowed down

It can’t be the stone ninjas because this has never happened to me.

It must be something else causing this, but it might only happen when paired with stone ninjas.

i have a feeling it has something to do with frosters/boosted traps/boosted arblaster. The slowness seems to be caused by something that already slows down troops. it happens not only to Ogres but to my other troops such as Pyro and Wolf but normally only occurs with Ogres. I brought this up with FG about a month ago before the stone ninja were even released, but they took no notice of it. The bug seems to cause the boosted ogre/troop to have the same effect as an unboosted troop permanently throughout the raid. For those that don’t know, boosted ogres allow the troop to not be slowed down, but not boosted it slows down. That is what i believe is causing it and i have been able to replicate it by forcing my ogres to be attacked by slow things such as the arblasters,frosters and frost traps. Flare should really fix this as i had my ogres slowed down during the PL which caused me to lose precious points that could have been earnt as my army was a bit slow

I always raid with MOW and swordrain, blizzard, firestorm/bladestorm. This bug has never happened to me, or at least I’ve never seen it during my raids.

So I am more inclined to think that this bug must be related to a specific (set of) spell AND something else (a tower/obstacle, or a defensive troop, or a ninja hit).

It would be useful if those affected (specially if they can replicate it) would say what spells/troops they were using when it happened.

This bug has been bothering me a while because I couldn’t pin down the cause. 

Now,  I am quite sure it happens to ogres that have been petrified by the stone ninjas. Once they return to normal they are perma- slowed.  This might also be partly caused by the units that attack the ogres to return them to normal, in my case arbs. 

However, root cause is stone ninjas petrification, imo.

i think the new basilisk tower also causes this slowdown ,not just on orges,on all troops,it happened to me with wolf,mummy,orges…since basilisk can also petrify.

it happened while doing a raid in xp gear,there were no stone ninjas…

The root cause is not stone ninjas. I’ve had lots of Ogres getting petrified and they come back to normal after I unpetrify them.

Can you reproduce this without using Toxic Cloud? Without boosted Arbs?

This is starting to look like the bug happens when the slow effect (toxic cloud’s slowdown, arbs, frosters, etc) is used while the unit is petrified.

im still waiting a response from flare, im testing bases with my war gear and and the bug is stronger, im starting to think that flare is doing it on purpose, by the way im playing with toxic, shield and balde or fire, and my ogres are extremely slow, i will have to scroll alot and even fail.

Hello, here a link with some vids where you can see slow motion bug.

This one look at the wolf in the back…

This one look athe ogre in the back, and check the one coming from behind…

the bug is still there, i tought the stone ninjas were problem but i sill had the problem, not in all bases but in some.

this stupid bug made me loose a battle in war,lost 200skulls bcz of this…

is this stupid thing going to be fixed in this new 3.9 update,or it will remain as it is…

As was said in this topic before, the stone ninjas were never the problem.

This bug might happen more often with the stone ninjas, but it’s not a stone ninja bug.

It happened to my monks today in a war battle. 


this is th 4th time its happening to me in this war,this stupid bug,i lost a raid bcz of this bug,even after using scrolls…

its annoying and frustrating…

I had same issues in many raids last couple of a days.