ogres and wolf stay as slow as a turtle

today i have nocited that ogres or wolves even if i use scream, they dont move fast, i even counted the seconds in a raid, and my ogres were very slow for 30 seconds and no bomber tower was near of them, it s that normal in with this war boost?

Since when did scream give movement speed boost?

I always thought slight attack speed boost and Stun Immunity   :huh:

Bug been going on for ages, not only does it effect ogres, it effects other troops such as pyromancers and wouldn’t be surprised it does more.

I emailed flare a few weeks ago about this movement issue i noticed which i feel is really detrimental to players ability to raid successfully considering scream doesn’t do anything nor howl from a wolf.


Flare said:

We would like to thank you for your report.

We are sorry that you are experiencing issues in one of our games.

We have taken note of your problem and we will be looking into it as soon as possible.
Please allow us some time for investigation.

Feel free to contact us at any time for additional questions or if you want to submit any update on your issue.

So they are looking into it, who knows how long though.

hope that answers the question @kingdanielvIII

When they are slowed by boosted Ice Bomb Towers, or Frosters, or Frost Towrs



thanks opelle, i see its a bug, another one, huge surprise. -_-

oPelle shows you that there is already a topic created for this bug.

Normally scream should remove all slowing effects and cancel stuns except from LT. Guess scream gear is rather obsolete until it gets fixed

Yes have same bug

also got bug with paladins dragong coming. Time not slowing. Its like 5-6 secondsfor me

I generally don’t use ogres but to check i go to raid with ogres but my ogres are normal. Whenever i use scream they move faster.

I’m seeing this ‘bug’ a lot too. Could it be related to the combination of the effects of toxic cloud and mass hysteria? My thoughts are as follows: mass hysteria ‘turns’ your unit, you then slow the ‘turned’ unit with toxic. If that unit doesn’t die, and reverts ‘back to your side’, it can become permanently slowed. 

Whatever the cause, a fix would be appreciated. 

All the best. 

I haven’t noticed it myself but seen many different players reporting similar issues so maybe there indeed is a bug, hopefully FG can have a deeper look into this