Ogres' behavior changed?

I’m fine with the nerf on Ogres, but did Flare change the way they behave now? The ogres a.i. are now even dumber.


  1. When screaming toward firebolt or lightning tower, the ogres sometimes just run toward it with the king as well instead of hitting them.

  2. When they started hitting the firebolt and lightning tower, if your king moves away, he follows you instead of continuing to hit those towers.

I noticed same behavior and was wondering if I just was delirious or something changed. So I am glad you noticed same.

I often run forward, but then notice the ogres just ignoring firebolts and LT, especially in a corner. 

@Madlen tagging you here so you could ask the developers. I know this isn’t a question for someone who just started the game, as you may not be familiar with Ogre’s behavior prior to the update, but I’m sure the developers will be able to answer it. Thank you in advance.

Hi. I did not report it but I face this issue for a few months. Before this problem they were stucking to tower till it fall.

We are currently investigating the problem and keep you up to date as soon as we know more about it.

Some units need good improvements on tower detection, sometimes my Wolves will stop to hit towers while my Ogres (even with bigger range) just ignore them and keep moving

same way, sometimes my entire army stop to hit towers while Wolves completely ignore them all and just run ahead jumping obstacles and dying alone

Personally dead in front of a Wolf beast because none of the Ogres was hitting but just walking. Even if you are dumb, you should not be so dumb to be killed without reaction!

Well spotted, I had the same feeling and you posted just before I did.

I thought i was nuts but a few times my orge will turn around and chase someone in the back of my army that was “confused” by an enemy firebolt instead of attacking the enemy in front of them.  Makes for a horrible raid. 

Please do, it feels like we’re being penalized for having spawned too many troops. Unit targeting with ogres has been an issue lately where even just a 3 or 4 in a lane cause a lot of unit collision. They will get stuck and can’t get close enough to attack Firebolt/Lightning towers. Even when they do get close enough, they stand still and block other units in the lane. It ends up costing me a lot of time in raids, where I have to wait for hero scream and move to the side just to get them to attack towers.

I wish units didn’t have such large collision boxes with each other, I have to hold off on spawning too many. They start to crowd each other and significantly slow down, and then can’t reach any firebolt/lightning towers. Hero scream will sometimes worsen the issue, they push each other out of the way and you end up just having troops walking towards towers without attacking them.