Ogre's New Weapon

I was playing throung the Ninja Event and I got to see Ogre’s New Weapon that you can see in his right hand in picture below .

It was doing Ice Damages .

Can you guess what it is  ?


its a Fritz…

Oh Oh!!! I know!! It’s Ice Damage, so Fritz!!! Thanks to Invizzzible for the hint! :lol: rofl

I know you don’t like it

Don’t like what?


Contrary he like it very much. I think he use it non stop since the Winter Festival. You can see it on his Youtube Channel

He have a youtube channel…? By which name.?

he do great video. Worth it to watch them : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFh4wQHlOfe22U2BGKCbJ_A

Yeah, I use him mainly for harder attacks like high level bases and dungeons, etc. My usual pal is Tammy (or Pal-A-Din), though

Is the damage of fritz is now fixed.? Once you posted something about it, well your videos are “Awesomest” cool.?

I do believe so as I haven’t seen the bug appear in a while


Thanks :grinning:  

Well Congratulations ! to everyone who gave the right answer.

" Wait. Did I tell what right answer is ?" 

So it’s  Fritz  pal that you can see is glowing blue and doing Ice damages.

Thanks that I got screenshot at a really right time otherwise I would not be able to make it.