Ogre's Problems

Did you notice that ogres can’t attack lightning towers that are placed on corners? I think this needs to be fix…

What do you think?

Do you find any other changes that affect ogres?

This makes me happy as boosted ogre is already overpowered. I hope it does not change and that in fact spreads to include firebolt tower.

Sometimes two ogres will fight each other to reach the firebolt at the corner and will be unable to attack it unless I go back nd shake them a little!

I agree to disagree… Ogres are powerfull but dumb… you need to push them a lot and they are useless without wolfs.

But there is no logic (if you can find logic in this game) that they are able to hit corner firebolts but not corner Litghting Towers.

Ogres find difficulties too to destroy firebolt towers in corners unless you push them or use scream to call them to the firebolt tower 

…well they are slow dumb ogres so what do you expect =p

Well, they could do well with intelligence perk… :wink:

I agree Ogres are a good unit, but try to attack/defend with only OGRES/BOOSTED OGRES… You will fail miserably! The power of the Ogre is the WOLF! That’s 2 HIGH cost units… It’s not as easy as you think to constantly pump out units… It’s like a roulette, even if you beat the base you get to the castle with 20 seconds to spare because they are slow. It’s a easy to counter strategy by using frosters, cannons and archers…  

I haven’t noticed the corner lightning tower problem until now… I’ll check and report back!

I agree with you 100%… i hope flare fix this quickly…

Fix? Flare?

They will introduce a perk which costs money/gems/pearls…Easy, Fixed!!

Just posted they are same as FB but tested again to be sure.  If you can push ogres to hit lightning towers it is definitely much harder if even possible.  Tried a few maps with corner ones and after a few seconds of holding ogre in corner ended up just using Sonic since they wouldn’t listen.

They would go out of their way for the FB towers, seems to be a bug with the LT.  I’d argue that a deactivated LT shouldn’t count towards the % base result.

How to fix Ogre…

Those earrings gotta go.

They make his ears droop and sag.

He hardly even looks like a bunny anymore.

It is not possible for Ogres to hit Lighting Towers placed on corners, That is the problem, That way you are forced to use an attack spell different to Blizz and to wasted it when you see a corner LT.

Good News!!!

Flare has fixed this bug. Now Ogres can hit LT on corners if they are near enough.