Ogres totally ignoring the towers in the corners.

Even under attack they just keep walking casually without taking care of what is attacking them. They can be stup1d, but nobody is THAT stup1d.

my orges are not ignore those tower but they block each other  way and stuck  in the corner forever even when only 2 or 3 orge in there ??

the doctor does not take offense at patients.

originally the developer conceived them mentally retarded, so …

That is something that i haven’t noticed so far. The only thing that is extremely annoying is the huge collision size of the ogre. If there are 2 or more at the corner it’s basically gg, they just block each other without anyone of them actually attacking the tower. This should be fixed. For instance if towers are placedin a corner they should have a bigger hitbox, so that the ogres can’t block each other.

Maybe I should specify what I mean with ignoring: you may leave a tower in the corner (lighting, firebolt) and evoke one ogre, hoping it will deal with it while you are  finishing the raid. I also pay attention to not use scream. They walk in the middle of the path and their aggro range is just to small to detect the tower in the corner. I may understand a lighting tower, which is not a threat without charges, but a firebolt tower is actively attacking you. Doesn’t it bother you, my little ogre?

This problem is probably due to the small aggro range. They are not blocking each other, they just don’t know a tower is there because they don’t detect it. What bothers me is that, oh God, that tower is attacking you! How is possible you don’t rage and attack it!?

Not new, Ogre becomes dumber and slower, especially during war. Never been fixed, cause that’s not ‘unintended issue’, FG want you to scroll-a-lot at war ?

That can’t be true if it was the aggro range then they wouldn’t block each other. If the aggro range was so low that only the ogre standing exactly in the corner can attack it, then it wouldn’t make sense why 2 ogres can block each other. The range should be so low that there can never be 2 ogres attracted to the corner tower and block eachother in the first place.

2 Ogres being able to push each other away from the corner to effectively block each other from ever attacking the tower is proof that it cannot be the aggro range, otherwise they wouldn’t walk to the tower in the first place.

The only problem is the collision size of the ogre and the hit box of the corner tower. Collision size of ogres is too big and hit box of corner towers is too small, so they block each other. Only an Ogre standing exactly in the corner can attack a FB or LT tower.

Weird. I’ve had ogres block eachother in corners all the time (they don’t just get in the way but also knock eachother out of range in such spots) but I don’t think I’ve had them ignore towers unless screamed at. They really shouldn’t be THIS dumb.

The dumb Ogres influence the Monks in a bad way - mine just punch stupidly at barrikades rather than heal me. lol