Oh for goodness sake FIX THE GAME!

Disconnected at gate on ninja Island 17.

On a weekend with no staff working. 


This has been going on over a year. I am sick of the crappy coding, the lack of support, and the weak communication. 

Hey Pete,

Really sorry about this. Duly noted, we will make sure to take it into account. 

Please, do get in touch with the CS about the issue. 

Thank you for responding. 

He’s not the only one. I"M EFFING FED UP. Video rewards work maybe 2 out of 8-10 times. My new Collect All Resources button has now greyed out for the SECOND TIME. Booted off for no reason. Blah blah blah.

I’m no longer going to purchase A SINGLE THING until these problems are addressed. I wouldn’t buy a broken toy in a store so why should I pay for a game that is obviously broken?

When my gems run out, then I run out. Enough is enough. There are plenty of other games on the web.

I contacted customer service, but since I won Ninja even with being booted out of an island I won with no reward they just said, “Hey, it’s all good. We’ll keep working it.”

@Archimedes the issue is not that I want compensation, especially since I didn’t learn anything other than a few minutes of my life redoing the island. The issue is that after more than a year this basic flaw is still making the game harder than it should be. 

The other issue is _Flare keeps running ninja and wars and events on weekends  with no support staff scheduled to work. _

If Germans and other Europeans won’t work weekends at what you want to pay there are folks in Iowa who will. Get weekend staff if you are going to keep having major bugs in the game on weekends.

I created a ticket at support for a bug & crash in the ninja event around the same time Archimedes told you to contact support.

So far no answer and the ninja event ends in 30 minutes…

Event over, no answer.

2nd place pay out, missed out on ubers chest reward…

same here, i submitted a ticket to CS already 30 hours before end - still no response an i got rewarded 5 just becus of gamecrash

thx flaregame - no money anymore

another day over and still no sign of living of customer service…when cnwe get answers on flargames bugs which affects us?

got just 3 ninjas, 2/3 of pearls and no uber chests thnks to flare mistake…

Same here

and another day without notic of customer service…good luck they mntion they would answer within 24hours…already more than 80hours without any sign of live of customer service

Just to be clear, did you contact support for this on Sunday and you got a reply back on Monday before the end of the ninja event?

I’m a bit puzzled why me and @cutcherdidn’t even get a reply back.

Probably because the game is so much buggy with a ton of bugs. the customer service must have 1 millions of tickets to answer. We all know Flare are slow to answer so at this speed the time Flare read your ticket you have time to do 2 or 3 more other Ninja Event. Good luck if you receive answer

and another day without notice of CS - by now over 100hours without any signs of life

next day without answer of customer service



when will they react? in automated email is written within 24hours, i alreqdy wait now more than 6 days or 130hours and still got no reply!!

i got wrong rewards of pearls, uber chests and also ninjas are missing in defense,…

@cutcher the mail states to give them at least 24 hours to reply.

I finally had an answer today, after my ticket was sent on Sunday, but no help was offered.

already more than 1 week without notice of fg…incredible!!!

I think there is no more support from Flare. For Olympus Rising I have send them 2 week ago a email for resetting my account to allow to restart and since no sign and I cannot play OR. Hope they will answer before version 4.0 come out.

Where is Flare? again on vacation?

@Archimedes I have been trying to raid for XP now that it is 400%, and in two of my last eight raids the game has crashed as the gate fell.  No XP, no gold, no benefit but I lose my food and a chance at raiding the same player again.

Please, fix the game.  Why play if you can’t complete raids?

Hi PicklePete, 

It is understandable that losing those two battles would cause a degree of frustration, and we are sorry this has happened to you. There are many factors that are involved in ‘connectivity’ overall, and unfortunately, some of them are harder to battle against. Nonetheless, we are constantly working on improving the game, including the connectivity side of it. 

We are sure that you have already spoken to Customer Support about this – and probably more than once, but it would still be our best recommendation at this point to do so. They might have some tips that would improve your connectivity to the game. Aside from that, thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated as always. 

Have a good day.