Oh for goodness sake FIX THE GAME!

Please fix the freeze. in the last ninja event with pyro ninja i got a freeze but the +2 save me and I got a Rank 1. I return to the game right now and …suddenly maybe not 20 seconds after be connected a freeze again. oh my god please remove those freeze from the game its annoying

Happening again. Why play a game where you can fight, win and still lose.?

Too bad we don’t have the same team like OR. A long long time all the bugs would have been fixed. However like someone have explain to me in OR section. the problem of RR2 is this game have a really old engine and RR2 is pretty old. So whatever the team who work on it will probably have trouble to fix them. So I don’t think one day we gonna have a functional game. The only way to fix all the bugs is if Flare decide to improve their engine and graphic. to manipulate the game more easily 

I was gonna bother support about today’s disconnect spree but figured it’s too much of a hassle with nothing actually pressing going on (haven’t done war raids or anything else useful). Good thing I didn’t, because today’s a Saturday, the “game doesn’t work? well, tough” day, I wouldn’t get anything done anyway.