Old item from old system forcing and GateKeeper new change

GK: even limit all resistance to 75%, but madness by decrease it on hero only 10-15%

example: 75% reflection on hero =  63% on GK (old system is a half = only 37,5%) 

->>>> while reflection is: ignore 63% damage they’ll get…(easy to have 63% with new forcing 3,4 perks system and new count decrease the number on GK)

and not end at the problem

63% reflection they even could add around 40-50% resistance on GK especially is Persues

that mean: Enemy hit them 50.000 damage HP …50.000 : 63% reflection = 18.500 (damage they get) and 18.500 : 40% resistance = 7.400 

so enemy only damage them down 7.400 HP ??? and they have >600.000 HP, I haven’t count life of hit yet

Old Item from Old forcing system: 

when is those items disappear from OR ???!

Last times: FG said that they will gave some level of ansencor to make them useless and unti now nothing happen

and they’re like superman in a long time

Well they are superman of OR.

No doubt about it and I thank you for bringing this up here my friend.

I have mentioned this thing countless times on forum with no avail but please @Madlen look at those numbers on that cursed the ring .Now any player can hope to get half of those values ?

Please ask developers why they are letting such items stay in the game and why they are so protective of elite players that have such items.( Bugged items from old forge system that now longer exists)

This is a non professional attitude that they are showing so far.

There was a time when I had respect for OR team but thier continued silence( for almost two three months) on such crucial matters is not a good thing.

What proof do you need?

If you want I can show you a picture of apple of diacord even that have around 70k value for potency or cooldown at level 131

Nice 138K ring, probably only gives near 50% CD with one item! @Madlen how do you expect us to compete on equal ground if we can only manage around 14% max from a standard forge while these bugged forged items exist.  You can’t respect the trophy leader board anymore either as you know the players at the very top were all allowed to keep these items despite many players stating their objections… how could you not win a battle with a 50% CD ring, even on auto.   Getting closer to just filling the game with players in the titan league; the only ones you’ve served for a long time.  Beyond a joke, cap the lvls already.

Here’s another uncapped item…will give FULL physical resistance and poison resistance from a single item …so why are top players GK’s near impossible to kill? 

You expect new players - the ones you want to buy gems, to play this while they have no chance to compete!!!  Listen to the 99% for a change.

they do not need proof, they know, this system did it on purpose, in this way the elite is doing the odissee to lvl 10 and is achieving improvements that force us credit cards to spend gems to attack them … .a little bug for a few, a big cheat for everyone else

@Madlen, please thank the developers for the fraud, I found a duplicate unique item I have crused throwing in the trash 10 MLN + titano 5 star object, I unlocked the curse throwing 1000 buds into the toilet and I found another duplicate … … and in all this while we are cheated and there are stolen gems for trash the developers who are ashamed to come and respond continue to give gift to the old elite old 

@HOLYDIVINE @Philstar @Neptune do you need other to see the big cheat ? 

Hello guys,

I have seen this thread. I can only ask for your patience at the moment, there are many people not in the office :slightly_frowning_face:

Sorry about that.

And this is a part of Super GK didn’t complete upgrade

That explains well how they can do over 100k damage per second and not take much damage, like we’ve been saying for a while this part of the game is well broken, the bugged forged stuff just helps it be broken.

Who is this? Man I won’t attack this guy never ever?

I’m guessing Arius from Red Squadron, he’s got a beast:) 

That’s a good statue, but it doesn’t have max DR, physical resist (or any resist) and could get higher damage and loh (or weapon speed) for sure. I’d sacrifice a tertiary resistance for more loh if it was mine. 

But it’s built correctly. You could build one like this. Everyone can at a high enough level and with enough fame.

(I’m talking about the screenshots posted)

Good grief, how long did you look to find that screenshot of the 137kcd ring?

In my experience most long term "elite"players have kit at best around 90k with the odd crazy one.

These items are rare one offs, not the norm. Stop suggesting that we all have them, we don’t.

This is the truth. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble. 

Im aware of these stuff since months ago. At this point I dont care either. The game stopped being fair since months ago and if u wonder why most of “forum” guys dont post anymore, its due to these "dont care" behaviours by the devs. Im sorry to say this but u left us no other choice :slightly_frowning_face:  

Yeah yeah, only 100 ppl own those powerful items, then why it`s so hard for the devs to “normalize” those OP items and match them to your current level? They are items for levels 141 and not 131.

You were aware of the OP since u were a moderator and u did nothing, not a single topic so I don`t think u fit in such conversations…sorry!

You were the “forgemaster” for your alliance. Holy divine told me. You had a guide and everything and taught your teammates how to forge. 

Nobody had any idea that forging wasn’t working the way it was supposed to, yourself included 

but thanks for telling me what I can and can’t comment on. 

The Only Tip I shared regarding forging, it was the use of 4* items, the most recent item gave better values, it was more a personal experience that led me to those actions. Plenty ppl didnt know how to forge due to this lack of info by the devs. Anyway, that era is gone and Im done here too. 


@Madlen no answer from the developers about the old items that made an unfair game? Are they going to intervene early to give us a fair game or do the elite have to remain untouchable?

Hello vasudeva1, I am sorry to keep you guys waiting, that’s unfortunate - but have you seen my latest answer? ? I will post an answer as soon as I can. Promise!

Yes, I read and thank you, I thought that in the meantime they had at least said if they wanted to do something because the situation is really absurd and every week that passes the gap between the elite and others becomes increasingly unbridgeable. At least tell us if they are going to do something, I think it is reasonable to expect a bit of clarity