Old Packages does it still exist?

Why i cant see the old packages when i was a newbie it always pop out, now that i have gems it doesnt pops out… (packages 1 worker, 1 slot skill, etc…

I think its a rank thing or a gem thing. what I can say is if you have the patience save your gems. guys get to scientifical about the game imtrying to enjoy the kill.

The advice I can give is to collect the gems of the quest and then spend them when the offert packages pop-up.  :grinning:

Packages still exist. The point is they appear when you have low gems in ur account.

thanks for the replies, but the problem is, now i saved my gems and it doesn’t pops out… its already been months waiting for it to pop…

months??? without pop-up it’s very difficult.

Pop-up show up often if you play enough. I DON’T SAY every day but more than 1 times a week.


  1. Probably you play a bit so this is the cause of your problem,

  2. but if you play a lot and does not find any pop-up try to contact the staff. :grinning:

Yes, it’s true. The packages are rare to pop up when you have so many gems. I hope there will be any changes in this issue soon. :slight_smile:

I’ve never got an offer i could afford at the moment …

if you have more gems than the cost of a package, it will not appear.

if you do not buy the package that appears after you finish an attack, another package will appear 2 days later

Tis is very very unfair…

I bot the 1050 gems cos it was having discounts n i planned to use them for the 750 package n now it aint ever gonna pop up?

Then for wat did i spend $$$ to support flare games for?

That’s how it works. You can save gems in your rewards and collect them when you need a small number of gems 

Tis could very likely be the 1st n last time i spend money to support flaregames…

As was said, the offer only comes up when you don’t have enough gems to buy it. That means, you will need to buy gems with real money, to pay for the offer.

You have to buy the gems at the time the offer pops-up, not afterwards.

Normally you have a few hour grace period after the offer appears to purchase it.  At least for me, when I decline an offer it shows up under the treasure icon on the left of my screen for a few hours.  Presumably I have that time to get the gems that I need (from any source)

Never knew it showed up there afterwards. Always thought it disappeared when I cancel. Will look out for it next time.

Package shows up 2-3 battle after you level up as long as your gems count is below 1000 but they won’t offer package you can afford , save your achievement especially 1000 gems one or more than 100 gems.Higher level player often get gold digger package only though -.-

I just checked, you’re right. You get 6 hours to buy the package after you decline it. It’s in the Treasure Icon as you said.

Thanks again.