Olympus Game have Started

The bug I have reported 1 year ago with a video with the sound its back. When you raid and do any fight. You can hear really loud the sound of like 10 or 15 horse who walk. you hear their hoof.

If I hear it again I will try to do a video. Very hard on my ipad. I don’t have it on my PC. I got it few minutes ago during a fight in the War. Very Very annoying.

I think that happen with a lots of Minotaur and some time with Trebuchet. I will try to fight Minotaur and Trebuchet

I will try to reproduce the bug in my own base

PS : Change the title more appropriate with my last video

Yes I got it right now

Like you can hear this noise is really annoying. Happen if you use Trebuchet a lots. Sound like a 10 or 15 horse in a far west movie. Sometime its worse and you can hear it during all the whole raid and more louder sometime

How to reproduce use Trebuchet after some raid can happen, I notice happen often with Helen Of troy. Maybe when charming Trebuchet

lol happen again

I will show you a another video with longer sound and more louder

I confirm happen a lots with Helen of Troy

During the video its the sound that you hear often but happen you can hear like in the end X5 louder during the whole raid. Very annoying

My previous video was some practice Hercule and others doing since few days. Since Sunday

its the Olympus Game today. Starting with the Horse race competition. Between Hercule,Prometheus and others.That was epic.

until 0:52 That was the first Lap. Took long to finish

at 0:54 the lap 2 started and they starting lap 3 at 1:00

Take long everyone finish at 1:21 the race is over. Who won? No clue sorry. Who won gold,silver and bronze no idea

PS : Developer can you put Olympic Game elsewhere? in another place :lol:. i like to raid with quiet sound

I do not see any problem in this. And even if there is absolutely the most insignificant. There are many  critikal problems with the game that are ignored by the developers.

It’s the trebuchets making that noise. 

Very annoying noise. I hate it. anyway work bad. Never hear it on my PC never have heard this in 3 years and i’m glad this not happen.Only or Ipad on Iphone I guess. Anyway that was the main goal of this topic with my first topic to complain about the noise but after some video. its just funny how the sound have appear. Watch my last video.

[Madlen: Removed personal insults. Please don’t insult people because they do not have the same sense of humor like you Warrironator and keep the discussion focussed on the bug.]

PS : IF developer can really fix this I will appreciate it. I don’t care this noise is not in the preority like others just do something about this. Or reduce the sound of 90% from Trebuchet. On Ipad I will have no choice to choose a another unit. too much annoying. At least do a normal sound effect like Minotaur equal and perfect. Not irregular sound from nowhere

Just turn the sound effects off. 

Ok so its your logic something its broken in the game. Solution to by pass it turn off the sound :lol:

So for the Phoenix level 1 bug that effect the whole game its to choose a another unit until version 4.5.0 arrive in I don’t which time 1 year maybe

So some of you don’t care if this game is broken just by pass it by some horrible solution. Don’t ask why some of the bugs are still there and broken. Developer don’t care

: ‘‘Why we should fix them, they will by pass it by themselve’’

PS : (ironic on) What we should do without you Dumpster. Oh my god. (ironic off)

Nice logic. OR will going far this way. Nice ?

The Phoenix bug is a great excuse to upgrade your phoenixes to level 2

Wrong I just get it and confirm the bug its something else and not related to Trebuchet. Right now I have do a fight in War with Cadmus with Medusa,Siren,Spearman and Hydra and got the bug sound twice

I said it in my previous post its the Olympus Game that started yesterday. So for some days its gonna be a horse competition. Don’t be surprise if you hear that weird sound during this few days. They do some race. Hercules and others are busy with the Olympus Game

I’ve never turned the music or sound effects on.