Olympus Overlords looking for members

Olympus Overlords is looking for active members. We will be in League of Demi-Gods next season. We keep all blessings active all the time.

Please apply or send me a message here if you are interested and can be a regular contributor for both alliance donations and alliance wars. We are looking for players over level 100 with a 150k daily donation level though these aren’t hard and fast.


We have spaces now for 2 more people. Hoping to get full before war starts if possible.

We were promoted to gods league after finishing first last season so we have all possible blessings with the exception of chaos gate.

Looking for daily players over 130 with decent fame. If you’re interested please send a message or just apply to the alliance in game.

Titan Code = TGCXXCTVX

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Please post your titan codes here

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Nah Klar…I cannot join. I donate 6 millions daily :smile:

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