Olympus Overlords

Hello all,

Olympus Overlords is looking full-time active members for both of our alliances.  We have an alliance in League of Gods and one in League of Demi-Gods.  Both are fully maxed with 50 member spots.

We are seeking new active members of at least level 100.

Please have a minimum donation amount of 100k and donate daily.  We keep 9 (8 for Demi-Gods team) blessings active continuously and all blessings during war as well as all 5 available war blessings (League of Demi-Gods, 4 for Gods team).

We ask that members please join our line group, though not a requirement it is very useful for general chat, advice and war instructions.

We also ask that all members are active during war (or informing us if you’ll be unavailable). 

If interested, please apply in game or send me a message through the forums.


Made some room after latest war.  6 places available now.  Please apply to join.

One spot available!

2 spots if anyone looking for a home.

Looking for a few more members!

Still 2 spots open.

4 spots open now for active players.

Still looking for 2 members!

Made some room after last war!  

3 spots open!

2 spots open for war! ?:crossed_swords:?

2 spots free!

3 spots free!

3 spots open!

still looking for one more before war starts!  Happy to take someone 90+ who is active.

One spot open!

Recently max alliance level so one more spot available. 

Spots open for both our League of Gods and League of Demi-Gods teams.

Hello skellz,

I’m below your minimum Lvl requirement, but I’m interested in joining your alliance. I am an old school veteran of Royal Revolt 1 and 2.


I have played both titles for several years and I understand this game as well. growing fast is not a problem. Since I am a very loyal person and like to be with the same alliance from the beginning to the end , I would like to make the right choice regarding the alliance from the beginning.

I understand that you are looking for active and friendly members. I’m not just fulfilling this requirement, I’m even more than that.

I’m 26 years old and work as a business analyst, have access and time whenever I want , because I have a free choice when I work and when I do not. In most games I’m in the lead somewhere (mostly as a diplomat in war games) because I’m friendly and have the ability to always find the right words.

The reason why I am more often in the lead is not because I ask for it , but because I convince through achievement. I would be glad if there is any interest in that I do not fulfill the minimum requirement to the level , but I am sure I will reach it quickly and would be a great enrichment for Olympus Overlords.


Best Regards

Exillent aka :[Xil3nt]:

We are currently looking for new alliance members for both of our Olympus Overlords teams.


We have spots available for our Gods league team as well as our Kings league team.  The Gods league team is apply to enter and the Kings league team is open recruitment, so just join if interested.