Olympus Overlords

We have been in the league of demi-gods (four war blessings + 1,500 gems per player at the end of the season) for quite a while and want to maintain our position in this league. We have around 9m gold in donations each day so we are keeping most of the blessings active. 

We’re looking for players who will donate regularly and participate in wars. Ideally have a donation level of 100,000 or be willing to upgrade to this level ASAP. While you’ll manage at level 80, being level 100+ will give you more enjoyment in this league. 

We also have a LINE app where we discuss strategy and upload tips, pathway layouts, etc. 

As you need to be in at least the last two wars of a season to get the end of season awards (ie 1,500 gems), we encourage you to get into action and join us BEFORE the next war starts.


Still looking for new and active members!  Send us a message here or apply in game.

I started the game 4 weeks ago. I play many time every day.

But as i m still a new player, i am only level 64 (3600 trophies).

Perseus level 17 for wars and several level 16 heroes.


I know that due to my low level, i will not be able to deal much damage yet and so i will not get much battlechest and help the alliance. Regarding battlechest this is not a big issue for me because due to fast ascension progression, rare items are quickly overated by green ones. I think also that due to my low level ennemies will get VP from my defense, but not that much because i m very very low ^^

But at least, i will get 1.5k gems and so i will be able to upgrade severals last spell for heroes (2.5k gems hoard so far).

And i think that in about a month, i will be high enough for your requirement to join you and be efficient, but if you recruit me now, i will have additionnal heroes spell so i will be stronger :slight_smile:


So, are you ok for recruiting me or i should try again later ^^ ?



Thanks for your interest. I checked out your profile. You currently have your Alliance Hall at level 5 which means you can only donate 20,000 gold per day. We have all our war blessings and most of the standard blessings active. The standard blessings your current alliance has is similar to our own - though you currently don’t have any war blessings. 

In our league, some of our opponents are tough which means you may find it hard to beat them at level 64 which can be frustrating as you won’t be earning many victory points (VPs). 

If you are willing to start upgrading your Alliance Hall immediately to level 8 (6 = 100 gems; 7 = 250 gems; 8 = 500 gems; TOTAL = 750 gems) and you’re ok with some tough opponents, then you’re welcome to join. 

Let me know what you think.


Answer is pretty simple : i do not have enough gems for upgrade right now as i spend a lot for spells slot of heroes 

Hi all, we have room for 5 more members on our demi-gods league team.  Just apply if you want to join!

We are recruiting for our Kings league team.  We currently have 12 spaces open.  Looking for people over level 90 with at least 100k donation, though there is some flex there, especially if you are an active daily player.  We are hoping to get back into demi-gods league after next season so if you want to help with the challenge then please apply in game.

lowered our requirement to level 70 but must be active, participate in wars and donate daily.

open recruitment now so just join if you are level 70 or above and active.

Hey Valkrysseur, here’s a great tip on how to allocate your gems that I’ve found has worked really well for me.

Allocate 20% to hero power slots and unit slots (always buying when on special).

Allocate 20% to beat Odyssey quests and power up your units and towers.

Allocate 20% to decorations.

Allocate 20% to extending celestial boosts.

Allocate 20% to upgrading your Alliance Hall.

We’re still taking players if you think you’ve got what it takes. ? 

Any interest in a merger with Typhon Slayers?  we are interested to discuss…

I typed in TYPHON SLAYERS and nothing came up. Can you give us the exact name of your Alliance or the name of someone in the Alliance?

We are still looking for members for our Kings league team if anyone is interested.  Anyone over level 80 and fully active is welcome to join.

We have no other conditions at the moment but if your donation is under 150k then we would ask that you use some end of season gems to upgrade your alliance hall.



still looking if anyone needs a good friendly alliance to join!