Olympus Rising 10 Tips & Strategy beginners guide:

  1. BATTLE DAILY :  You need to conquer islands in order to have as many resources as possible – and those islands can be stolen from you by any player at any time so its best to check as much as you can a day.This is key to quick progress. 


  1. KEEP YA HERO ON BEST ISLAND :   put your heroes in the best island with the  most resources you need. the more the better for you.


  1. DEFEND PROPERLY:  test your defences and upgrade them till you know it is good enough at your lvl to defend against other player as its important to protect your best island with your heroes to gain your best resources for a quicker progress at the game. try to add some walls and defences early  and the rest near the end, making more difficult to finish. battle waves are very important to defend your base as well so try to upgrade your troops and add more wave troops, making more difficult to finish.

  2.  ATTACK PROPERLY:  Each hero has its own powers and weaknesses so adding better equipment and abilities on player items is key on winning battles. Usually the troops that go in battle with you should all be the same. I found out that melee fighters are better than ranged ones, so try to bring as many melee fighters as possible. I usually start with i like using warriors and trebuchets personally and archers. Try to delay your attack for as long as possible: the closer you are to your starting zone, the faster troops you will summon will arrive. In other words, if you get all your troops killed when you’re at the middle, you will have to wait a while before your newly summoned troops arrive because they have to go the same distance you went before them. However, you should constantly call in back-up to make sure that you replenish your lost troops as fast as possible. Combine that with smart usage of your power-ups and you can easily win all battles.

  3. COLLECT YOUR DAILY CHEST EVERYDAY : it is important to collect  daily chest  to get better gear and gems and all that  important stuff that is needed in the game! and its good to watch those video chest aswell for godlike chest with great rewards so keep eye on that aswell.


  1. COMPLETE QUESTS :  Keep completing quests to collect rewards, which includes gold and ambrosia. You can see your current quests by tapping the top portion of the screen. Tap the quest bar to see a list of new missions available and complete them one by one to get rewards. 


Here’s a list of key buildings in your island and the benefits of upgrading them: 

Leveling up War Academy will unlock new units. Besides common units, you can unlock special units such as trebuchet and siren. You can also unlock solo but powerful units like Minotaur, Cyclops and Hydra, but for that you will have to conquer a group of islands. You can get more information about each unit by double tapping the war academy. 

Upgrading Heroes’ Temple will unlock upgrades for other buildings, such as gold and ambrosia temple. However, you will need to reach a certain “Ascension Level” before you can level up this building. To reach a new Ascension level, you will need to attract “Worshippers”. To attract worshippers, keep constructing new buildings and upgrading existing buildings. Exploring a new set of islands also grants more worshippers. 

Upgrade Gold temple to get more gold donation. Levelling up this building will increase the income per hour and capacity. You will also receive worshippers after upgrading it. Along with levelling up this building, try to upgrade the Chamber of gold to store more yellow metal.  The Guard of Thanatos lets you deploy defensive waves of units. The wave of units will protect your island and prevent intruders from destroying your gate. Upgrading this building will let you recruit more defensive waves. The upgrade will also allow the building to deploy waves of units faster. The time taken between two waves will be lesser than before. Before upgrading slots to add more units, you will need to upgrade this building.

Leveling up the Shrine of Power will let you unlock more devastating special powers, which you can launch while attacking enemy island’s towers and the gate. Upgrading this building also raises the level cap of each unlocked power. To make your unlocked powers more powerful, you will need to level them up, but for that you will have to upgrade this building first.


joining or creating and alliance is important in this game as there are important upgrades in the game and gold bonuses you gain from joining or creating one. and also brings more better game experience meeting players and socialising to share tips and advice or just having a chat. having an active alliance is very important so make sure your in one or making your own active as brings more donations to the alliance to upgrade things on the alliance.


as gems are a premium form of currency, they are hard to come by than gold and ambrosia. that means you shouldnt spend them poorly. like example building construction or upgrades. please be patient, and dont spend those gems just because you in hurry for a building to complete. spend gems you get for free daily. spend gems on random events and daily gems chest you can buy at the store. be smart with ya gems and dont use just for fast progress.


If you want to speed up your progress in the game, go to current upgrades icon and check whats there to build. you can follow the game suggestions. just be smart on those gems and dont just spend them to get these done for faster progress this game is all about patients but its upto you how you want it to be done if you want spend those gems hen go for it but you may regret it later like i have. there better ways to spend those gems.

well thats it guys i have worked hard and time making this guide for use so any feedback or suggestions fill free to do so or copy and paste any poor grammer on comment section thank you. i hope this guide helps you out and make you progress faster in the game.


IGN: aussie crackafat

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