Olympus Rising 2?

I stopped playing OR a few months back due to it getting VERY boring. Was tempted to start playing again but just couldnt get into it at all. Are there any plans of making an OR2? I would definitely give it a try. 

Hi Validus1,

There is no information about whether or not there will be an OR2.

and you missed two remarkable events! in the first you had to say which hero to invite to a party, and in the second one with which hero to make a snowman! nothing but boredom! come back to play !! ??

Nobody is forcing you to participate. Last year we went months and months with no events at all. Maybe give it a rest. Some of the responses have been funny for both contests. 

Good comment (Liked the sarcasm) FG should focus on releasing new contents and fixing endless bugs in the game instead of wasting thier customer time with these events.

Well, if you like sarcasm

You’re right. The devs have to halt all their programming activities whilst these forum events are created by the community manager.

I am sure they are sipping their coffee and waiting until the snowman event has ended, before resuming their work.

What is your problem?

Hi there guys,

This thread is going off-topic now.

  • I have already acknowledged that I can do more diverse events in the future and I apologize that some of you didn’t like the free events, such as the Halloween event where every participant received free gems…
  • Honestly though, I just wanted to do something nice for you, I did not want anyone to go angry about a snowman event.  :snowman_with_snow: :grinning:

Once again - in the future, I want to do different events too, I have received permission to do so, so I think we can move on now.


Feature request: a robust snowman-building mini game in OR2. I’d play it. 

I’m in for another quiz…

@Madlen ?

I am in too…