Olympus Rising - 2nd Quiz

Hello everyone,

Now is time for our second Olympus Rising quiz!


  • Answer the questions by posting in the topic (your answers will not be visible for others)
  • Only one answer per person
  • No edit allowed! (if you need to edit your post to add your name, please send CaptainMorgan a PM. Any post with the “edit” mention will be counted as invalid.)
  • Don’t forget your in-game name.
  • Deadline is Wednesday 29th March at 12pm  (CET)


Each question is worth a certain amount of points.

The players with the highest amount of points will be rewarded.

  • 1st: 2,000 gems
  • 2nd: 1,000 gems
  • 3rd: 500 gems

Just head here to answer the questions!


Hi there, 

Does the bonus question count in the total point? Some of us did not have the chance to see or own items like that, and those that can be found on f.ex. youtube, are available for anyone…

Yes it does.

Don’t forget, you are part of a community. :grinning:

I don’t think I’ll have time to research all that Greek stuff :slightly_frowning_face: Looking forward to reading the answers afterwards tho? gg everybody 

Buenas tardes porque postear las preguntas en español e ingles.

do we need to start new topic or we reply in this one?


You have to reply in this topic:

Also please note that the forums are international, therefore the main language is English. :grinning:

English grammar question:

When it says “Which of our Heroes (…)” does that include a possible answer either singular or plural?

Other question:

Is that one point per answer? Meaning a question that is worth 4 points should necessarily get 4 answers? 

Or is that 2 points per answer? Meaning a 10 points question should get 5 answers? 


Hey Doud,

Yes, it includes either singular or plural :grinning:

The general rule is 2 points per correct answer. :slight_smile:


Awesome quiz btw. It first looks like any other quiz, but there is either a lot of knowledge or a lot of research behind who ever did it. :grinning:

If many of us have same answers(which is expected) and get same points then will all of them get same amount of gems or only the ones who are first?

hi im new!

where is the question?

when they visible? 




Hello arsalan73, you can go to your destination from here - 



Questions regarding #5 and #6. what do you mean by featured? their name used?
and 8,9 buildings only , doesnt include defense buildings? or included? 
thankyou . :*

Questions regarding #5 and #6. what do you mean by featured? their name used?

Yes, name used.

and 8,9 buildings only , doesnt include defense buildings? or included? 

Included. :slight_smile:

Hi, can you tell me my answers have been accepted?
My nickname avi55

Heptathalon, rules clearly says that answers are not allowed to be posted here.

hello,i have answered the questions for quiz few days ago but did not put my ign in the post.do you know wich ones are my answers or do i need to edit my answer and add my ign? 

Do not edit your answers, otherwise you will be disqualified! Send a PM to CaptainMorgan with your IGN, and he will add it to your sheet?