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@Madlen, I’d be up for updating the WIKI with the new information in the new release. Is there someway I can get access to the WIKI and get the information from FLAREGAMES as to the costs / duration for everything?

Hi tjgarland,

Oh that’s cool! Thanks a lot for volunteering. I will have to see what information we can give you, need to check with the devs. I don’t know who has currently access to the Wiki, I think the last person was Opelle. @Tomaxo Can you organize access to the Wiki for tjgarland?

Do you have a specific list of what you need on information?

Thank you!

I can do basic stuff without needing admin access. 

Let’s pick something simple to start with like barricades and do them one at a time. Could you check with the developers and let me know if the stats presented are correct (or better yet), a table of correct stats. Here’s the barricades on the wiki: http://olympusrising.wikia.com/wiki/Barricade

There’s also a formula there which refers to a table and a calculation that makes no sense to me. Could you clarify what that means and I can then clean that up so it makes more sense.

If we can get BARRICADES working and up-to-date in the wiki, then we both know that it’s possible and we can then work together to update each section.

It will also be worth putting in a note saying WHEN it was updated and the REASON for the update - so could you let me know the official date this latest upgrade was released and the official name for this upgrade - that way I can record it on each page so people know how current the stats are.

Hi there tjagarland,

I have forwarded the request, I will let you know when I have an answer :slight_smile:

Hi there, I have numbers to share now :slight_smile:

Thank you!

OR Numbers Dump.ods

And as a side note: War blessings do not have 6 levels anymore since the season update, but only 1.

hey thanks for sharing this and what about spell values after new levels?

this excel does contain information on spells.Could you please provide info on that too?

Hi Madlen,

Thanks so much for this. I’ve been on break over the past couple of months so I’m getting around to updating the wiki now. Could you update the spreadsheet to also include the time it takes for each upgrade? That data is already in the wiki and I’d like to do that as I go. Jay

Hello tjgarland,

Anytime. I have forwarded the request, it may take some time until the devs come back to me, but I will let you know once I have the data :slight_smile:

Thanks! Could you also ask for the SHRINE data for upgrading powers as well? My plan is to do one thing a week so I don’t get too overloaded - though I may speed up once I’ve got some rhythm happening. ?

As well as the POWERS, I just realised the spreadsheet doesn’t include the buildings. Can you request BUILDING information as well? Cost + upgrade time for each building by level please.

Okay, I will forward the request. I hope to get the information by end of this week. :slight_smile:

Hello, I got the numbers today already. Is this everything you need?

Please note: Numbers are as of now. Changes are always possible.



Thanks - that has the times listed and also the powers. 

Could you please also ask for the same again for buildings - I just realised that information is not listed.

I’ve now got HEAPS to work with so thank you very much. I’ll update one section at a time, get your feedback and input and then move onto the next section.

really cool - thx a lot. if it would possible to get also the information about damage dealt and what kind of damage (ofc without masteries) and maybe even infos about special abilities or boosts (normal and war) in extra coloums? that would be so great!

you know: once you give us a finger … ?


I will ask, though can’t promise!

Hi Nan and tjgarland,

Unfortunately, it turns out that this information is a bit harder to retrieve, not to say very complicated ?

At the moment we cannot dedicate team resources to getting it for you, so it might be best to do what you can yourself, or work with other users. If there comes a time where we can help you out by providing this information, we will do so. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for inquiring :slight_smile:

Madlen, I’ve done a first pass of the BARRICADE page: https://olympusrising.fandom.com/wiki/Barricade

A couple of questions:

  1.  What’s the information at the start with attack rates? There’s no table and it doesn’t make sense to me: should it be cleaned up or removed? 
  2. I’ve made changes though I’ve got some formatting issues so I’ve posted a request for help elsewhere in this forum
  3. Can you let me know if the data for ENYO BARRICADE (divine blessing) and PHALANX WALL (war blessing) is accurate? If not, please advise what the correct data should be and I’ll update accordingly.

I want to get the BARRICADE page done correctly and work out formatting, etc and then I’ll get to work on the other pages. As I mentioned earlier, my plan is to work on one page a week.

Again, many thanks for getting the data.

Hi!!!. I can’t download the file, can you upload it again please