Olympus Rising Forum Management

Greetings Mortals, This is just a quick post to inform you all that I am returning to take control of the Olympus Rising forum, again. Up until this point I have been busy with other tasks within the company, as well as moving to a new location, meaning I have not had time to keep my singular eye on the OR forum. For the last few months Madlen has been doing the very tough job of managing multiple forums as well as multiple other tasks she is responsible for as Community Manager. So thank you to her for giving what time she could and doing a great job of keeping the OR forum in working order! It is not an easy task during this long window in which we have been unable to feed you much positive info on updates. From now on, I will be your point of contact for all things OR, including any ongoing conversations you have with her. Note: she will still be handling Royal Revolt. Please note that, as before, I only have a limited time for dealing with the forum (we are also working on further updates for OR), meaning I won’t immediately be able to answer any messages you send me, so please have patience. I will obviously need some time to catch up on all that has happened, but I hope to start diving into that today, and will soon bring you some more information on the upcoming version. Looking forward to working with you all again. Best,- Cpt. Morgan