Olympus Rising Halloween Forum Event


Zeus here. I have heard of this new trend from some futuristic modern times. The gods on Mount Olympus are excited about this new customs humans are talking about. The tradition is called Halloween, we think! ?Now we Gods have a hard life. Like drinking ambrosia, winning battles…it can be exhausting. Hence we want to be part of a Halloween Party.

Please let us know in the comments below which God from Olympus Rising would you invite to your Halloween party and why?

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Only one comment per person within the thread.

We will pick two winners.

  • 1: The funniest answer will be handpicked by the devs and CM and get 1500 gems.
  • 2: A random winner will be picked amongst all participants and get 1000 gems.

Please mention your IGN in the comments. The winner will be announced by Madlen in the topic thread.

  • Contest time: Now until 29th of October 1 pm CEST

The event is limited to the Olympus Rising event forum thread only.

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Olympians! Please choose wisely**…**.:cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:

Since Bacchus is off the table (obvious choice), I would choose Asclepius. It always helps to have someone with first aid training on hand in case the party gets rowdy.

ign: Texas dumpster 

Hey Hades i am AK (IGN:- AK47NAPC)  would you came to my halloween party .?? 

I know you have lot’s of potential but how long will you scare little kid’s… You look funny with your tail and your eye liner… come join my halloween party i will show you my teammates are more scary then you … Go get some sleep till then you are getting dark circles under your eye’s …


Dear Z, 

Rumours say that “Most of the people want to invite Hades to their parties and furthermore theme of the party will be an underground party for Hades to feel at home” 

But Zeus, i want to invite you not that burning tail. You will be not my only fovourite guest and also you will be the star of my party… How? 

Think about it “your cronos spell will allow us to make an endless slowmotion party, and your lightning bolts will make my party, unforgetable” 

We will make the best party of last 10000 years… And will be talked about more than 10000 years… 

By the way, Don’t think about ambrossias. It is from me, we will get the gems as a reward and will fill all ambrossia silos, they are maxed already… 

By the way, if you want to join my team, we have all blessings active and we have 1 spo… ??? Wait what i am doing.?..? I entered my recruite stance, So sorry… 

Anyway i will call you again when i go home. See you Z… 


I’m going to put this in a different perspective, as Zeus is holding a Halloween party. 

(Zeus having fun with other Gods and the last one to join the party is Hades.)

Zeus: finally, you made it ?

Hades: yea ?

Zeus: How are things in the underworld? ?

Hades: umm…u know, it’s Halloween everyday ???


IGN: AwesomestKnightest

Well, I was gonna invite Zeus, but he’s not into the kind of things that his brother Hades is (for instance: Halloween), so I decided to go with my second choice, Hades. “Why, thank you for inviting me AK” says Hades

“It’s no problem, well actually it kinda is, I didn’t want you here in the first place, I hear you get a little rambunctious when you drink to much ambrosia” 


Pandora because she’ll let the cat out of the bag!

IGN: tjgarland

???I heard that Dionysus is a really cool guy (hmm,God?)!He would accept invitation to any party and then make a great entrance with a splash-of wine,of course.?? To be clear,I would send him an invitation only for medical reason.1 glass of red wine per day is recomended in order to keep your heart healthy and whole cardiovascular system thrombe free. Cheers!!! ???


i would invite Ariadne because she will bring all her friends ? (with her Spindle)


ig: lefti4

hmmm, which god should be invited for the party?

Hercules? do, to dangerous with his claws he might destroy the furniture. he can’t hold himself back if he gets too much ambrosia.
Odysseus? ah, don’t know - he is so weak in drinking he might fell down the path 4 times before even reaching the house. or he cheats on you and your cyclops and making us drunk so he can be the hero.
Perseus? hmmm, maybe way too beautiful with his mirror.

ahh, now i know: Ajax - most of the time he already does look like a michael myers double and he also has already a  proper halloween mask :slight_smile:  

so Ajax: come to where the real fun is - see you @ “Germany Alpha”, best regards: “NaN”


1.edit (28.10.2018)

just received a phone call from ajax that he has to cancel the invitation… but he wishes us lots of fun and his head and thoughts are with us. damn right… at least his head… now he does not look scary, he is more like the face of an old, sad man… 

sorry guys, the pumpkin carving did not went the way i planned and hoped for it, so i added also the picture like i wanted him to be… >_<

and dont make jokes of it, my kids already did so - it was so funny, i just wanted to share >_<
last year i made an witch out of a pumpkin and my son made even a better drawing of ajax then i did :slight_smile:  so proud…



My IGN is Golar

I think I invited Hades because he looks very scary, scary my guests and he has fire it would take to make a barbecue of my enemies in real life like my boss who should be amazing! LOL

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fegato-alla-veneziana.jpg (0 Bytes)

Here, have some liver!



Artemis for sure. Guess we all agree it is scary as hell to be chazed by a fluffy hoofed stag monstrosity all that while a bunch of random elemental apocalypse-class spells are flying just over your head. Heres the trick thouh, Artemis is blind enough to miss any and all such spells and the stag is merely a scary nuisance, so no harm is anticipated. Huzzah.


Ah, thought it was a boiled slug. It’d make sense being Prometheus and all  

Zeus and Hades: 

“Hey bro!! Do you remember anything about last night’s party?” “Yooo bro I was too drunk to ambrosia… I just think of a few flashbacks… What was Ulysses doing hanging on the chandelier like a monkey? And why did Arianna and Elena kiss on the couch while Ajax was throwing them ambrosia while he stroked his bellybutton ? Achilles was made to massage that heel to feel pleasure and Perseus had gone into paranoia in front of the mirror shouting that he had to defend the gate from Phoenicians, Griffins, sirens…What the hell!! … What did you put in the Ambrosia jug?”" Shhhh is a secret mhuahahah… “.” lol bro!!! Best Halloween party ever bro! Give me five bro!!! "

Obviously I would invite Artemis… After all this mess… A deity who evokes deer and puts them among the drunks  is mandatory!!! 

IGN: The Sicilian 

Recently i hay invited Zeus to my Holloween party.
He accept my invitation and confirm me that he will come with his family.
next day zeus family came but Mr. Hades was not there i asked with zeus why Mr. Hades not came? he told me he is ***** animal he have no sense… Hades hear all this and he frustrated and suddenly attack on zeus and whole family started fighting with together and i was enjoying this fight, and taking amborsia and hide all ambrosia… 
after few minutes they stop and asking me for ambrosia i told them spend Gems and buy ambrosia lol ???:skull_and_crossbones:

IGN : Rock_mad

Wow its halloween, Zeus and Hades were too late to give me 7000 gems for brothers challenge so I dont wanna invite them ?

Trojan Horse? has entered the Troy… So, come to my party ? oh Helen of Troy… Also I have got bored putting holes in the pumpkin?.. ???.. for halloween of course, don’t take it otherwise.

You are THE GODDESS of beauty and I am THE GGOODD (my game ign is THE GGOODD) of Olympus. You are HOT (Helen Of Troy) and beautiful… will envy all my neighbours plentiful… But your beauty spell will turn all foes into friends and we all will have a blast together.

We will have red bull and you will have wings… and that would be a unique item return gift you desire of all the things… 

In Sicily, my land, Halloween does not exist and will never exist! We have other, more deeply rooted traditions. November 2 is the day of the dead and goes to the cemetery. We eat the "morticini"(dead bones) and the "martorana fruit", of the desserts that are put under the bed and they are found to the children because the dead have brought them. There are no parties and dances with costumes. No treats and jokes. However, I spoke with Hades, Anubis, Abassi, Mictlantecuhtli, Yama, Mórrígan, Azrael, Kur and Charon. I invited them to my party that will be held between Scylla and Charybdis, in my land. From there we will leave to terrorize children all over the world all night long! It will not be enough to hide under the sheets !!!!


IGN: Levia(hun)

I would call Aphrodite for the party for some laziness.?