Olympus Rising Quiz

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow early afternoon a Quiz will start for Olympus Rising.

More information will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned!

Just giving you a quick heads-up so you can get ready. :grinning:



Hello everyone,

Our first Olympus Rising Quiz can now start!

If you ever wondered about the game or the Greek mythology, this is the good place for you.


  • Answer the questions by posting in the topic (your answers will not be visible for others)
  • Only one answer per person
  • No edit allowed! (if you need to edit your post to add your name, please send me a PM. Any post with the “edit” mention will be counted as invalid.)
  • Don’t forget your in-game name.
  • Deadline is Wednesday 19th October 2016 at 2pm (CET)


Each question is worth a certain amount of points.

The players with the highest amount of points will be rewarded.

  • 1st: 2,000 gems
  • 2nd: 1,000 gems
  • 3rd: 500 gems

Just head here to answer the questions!


what if two people have the same amount of points?

In the first question are you asking which heroes in the game have innate fire resistance or which in mythology?

The first question is for the game only.

If two people have exactly the same amount of points they will be rewarded the same prize.

Very interesting. True, some questions difficult to translate. But you fellows, this is really exciting

So there can be more than 3 winners? And the points per question - if I get half a question right, do I get half the points?

If you’re having difficulty with translation - we can try to help with understanding.


i didnt get the last question, nr 9

сложно разобрать 6 вопрос, не могу правильно певести

When you say hero, you dont mean zeus or hades? Because they are gods? Right

Question 9: Which name is correct, and why?

For the Heroes I assume you refer to question 1: Hades and Zeus are gods, but you can consider them as “playable Heroes” in the game. However not everyone has access to them, so it will not penalized anyone if they are not mentioned for games related questions.

Thanks alysea

one more question

nr 5, in which way do you mean how they relate? They just do,

can you ask the question in some Other way

is there something im missing


Hey where I HV to post this answers can u tell me plz ?

What is the link exactly? What happened in the Greek mythology related to this Hero and this place?


is the quiz closed at 10 pm GMT+2 ?

The quiz will be closed at 2pm GMT+2.

For the answers, please answer in this topic:

Not here :grinning:

so the time is automatically converted to local time, this is great!



Thanks all for participating!

The results will be given by tomorrow end of the day. :slight_smile: