Olympus rising real top

Would be great to have the alliances with 200 WAR TORCHES sorted out in Alliances Top by the the greatness of their number of trophies. Perhaps would be 67 or 21 or snother number. So the top ranking alliances will have maximum number of torches, but their order is decided by the campaigns rolled out to acquire trophies. When top 200 WAR TORCHES is finished we should be able to see the next coming up alliances ordered ONLY by their number of trophies. Thus being said, we could find a young fresh new alliance with an ignoble number of trophies ranking high ahead of other alliances with all of these with more trophies. The reason why the new alliance stands out and high above the others is because the alliance has achieved the TOP GOAL of our game. The alliance has 200 WAR TORCHES. And the war event is yet the best event we have in the game. Not only gives us the meaning of teamwork. But makes sense of why we call Olympus Rising a game and not a session of scrabble. So achieving top goal in a war game should rank your alliance ahead of anyone who has not yet achieved this goal. The rest may bus :smile: and stand with us in their order of trophies count. This would be a real top and a real image of our game as game. Not as "hooked up"crowd by a noisy age of computers.

Right now this is how it looks the “hooked up” crowding top of players dreaming of “I want a bed seat upfront everyone else”

The 199 or 195 war torches values should stay far under the real top.

Of course you would think it makes little sense to enlist first the alliances with 200 war torches because some of these alliances have very small number of trophies. Which is obviously not true. Because we enlist first the most active players and their alliances by building this war torches top 200. Then you would probably say why not follow with the next alliances counting 199 or less war torches. And we should not follow with these alliances because these have not reached the goal of the game event. Then you will say is however improper to put an alliance of players counting one million trophies down under another alliance with 300 000 trophies. Ok is improper for this improper moment. Next war things csn change. And this is how we will have every next week another top of 200 war torches. And this really makes the game more exciting and more attended by many who live now under the current falsely built top, but many who are actually more active and sometimes more active means MORE MONEY FOR THE COMPANY. And a better of the game for everyone.

Total torches are meaningless once you get past League of Mortals.

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Maybe you are right (I don’t know if will be meaningless or not, I am new here, you must know better!!) But, … then why are then torches mentioned in alliances top ranks? If much less significant, like you said - and thus as soon as getting over with League of Mortals!!! - then why aren’t posted in addendum form or with accolades? So eventually we are aware of how much they have of that? However not so important to know. And then which are the main gains from the only game event I am aware of, … the alliances war??? If war torches are not important then the number of alliances wars we have passed through? Or the percentage of alliance members who participate in war or the involvement indepth onto the war campaign?? Or a teamwork index for each alliance?? I don’t know and right now I understand the game enlists only “not verified” data and not significant data for alliances. And then the less transparent is the reality in this top, the less atractive is the game from any outsider point of view. And this explains why the game is not played in massive numbers such as World of Warcraft. Other more simplistic turn based games (browser games) have had millions of players. And none of them complained their rank is 125 973 or 145 649. But the game events were organized in the favor of winners and players have had evidence of their merits in front sight and within multiple tops issued for each event. Looking at this top I have only evidence of war torches and daily campaign trophies. The first have no meaning and the second say only how long have been played the game. Thats to much long for me when I seek the top from the first day here :smile:

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The devs talked about removing that multi-season torch tally entirely, but didn’t, probably because they’re still relevant in league of mortals. After that, though, they’re not just unimportant, they’re completely meaningless. Torches gained or lost in a single war and a single season are obviously important.

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I see so there is no other global record such as “All times winner”… only “this season winner”… and there is no “in my opinion” proximity with “I’ll be next time winner” from such as “lucky best teamwork alliance this season” or “inter-season training and off hand guard war campaigns (war preparations)” also there is no “rising star alliance this week” and no “war vanguards” recruitment of freshmen :smile: … sooo… I even imagine antiquely old alliances can recruit mercenaries in burning down the enemy domains tending to weaken the opponents and destroy facilities. Is a very nice rampage this game, but it buries itself into “just that”. No massive war-o-holic adjointment, advent and addiction :smile:. Standalone by the end. No excitement. Okie. Will try to make it my alternative 30 minutes break out of my daily main activities.

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Yes much lack of new content. Old trophy leader boards impossible for new players to climb high and challenge. Would be nice to have a monthly trophy gain per league or something to incentive the other players not in too 100

I think the game has never had the chance of a development team behind. The graphics ages it in Counter Strike standards. But its creation, releases and aunch have been delayed long after. And just like any forgotten cake has no cook to warm it up.

Looking behind in chronicles I see how much has devastated Counter Strike the apparently peaceful junkyards. Gangs fights after every night wasted at internet cafe playing CS. To keep the appearance of a peaceful downtown all internet cafe clubs have been enlisted by local police. And the chat from CS could not be eliminated because otherwise there was no game without chat. And perhaps this is why Olympus Rising was first delayed then the chat was eliminated. Then a bit later the access at internet was restricted for all american troops deployed here and there. And then there was no game to play without chat except the RISK games with lobby rooms for fast joining and launching a game. But RISK was no actual game. And then they remembered they had this one which has been never launched still being created long ago. This is how Olympus Rising found its way into afternoon bedtime hours from a base to another. But this was also the end of a game and a game developers team. I am not sure if my scenario is ok. But it fits the training programs in military bases. And the game will survive for some time.

Ironically this chatless (sort of) game was created and attempted to launch in times when every new chating service start up has become a historical business record. :smile::smile::smile::smile: But thats that.

There are winners for each league every season with prizes awarded. It just doesn’t have anything to do with the outdated season-to-season torch count. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I see now why is meaningless. So the Allliance can have top number of torches while has been inactive in past four seasons. Or something like that. So is not relevant for the “activeness” of the teams. K尺丹乙ㄚ

Nice game :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

It was relevant a year and a half ago. It’s not anymore.