Olympus Rising version 2.5

Dear Olympians,

A new version has been released on iOS and Android!

What’s New in this Version?

  • Watch over your hero conquering enemy Islands with the new Autoplay feature
  • Defensive fleets now follow and defend your hero
  • Alliance members can now test each other’s defenses
  • New environmental sets for Monster Islands
  • A host of other smaller changes and improvements to the game



  • Improved AI of the Trebuchet
  • Added an icon which indicates that the Trebuchet is fortified
  • The Trebuchet always enters fortification mode when shooting at towers or barricades
  • Reduced the Trebuchet’s attack range against enemy troops
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the Hydra Tower from shooting in all directions
  • Increased attack range of the Hydra Tower
  • The Iapetos Tower’s safe zone is now less likely to appear where the hero is
  • The Iapetos Tower now turns faster and attacks more often
  • The Griffin no longer flys over path borders when the hero is too far away from it
  • Defending Sirens now use their scream attack when the Hero approaches instead of waiting for units
  • All towers and barricades now automatically get a bit better when reaching a new Ascension Level:

High level players who have not invested very much into their defense yet will now also be able to defend against attacking players

No matter what the player upgrades, their defense will always get a bit better to compensate for the Ascension Level based matchmaking


  • What is the autoplay feature?**  **

The autoplay feature allows you to fight a battle without actively controlling your Hero, units and spells.

  • Why did we implement an autoplay feature?!

First, there are players out there who would love to play the game, but it is too challenging for them. For these players autoplay is not only the possibility to make progress in the game and to win battles, it is a nice way of learning how to battle. There are also players who do not like too grind too much and are more looking for challenging gameplay. As the opponents you are having on your islands are not chosen by you, you will have some opponents who are not that challenging. These opponents are perfect candidates for using the autoplay feature. But we designed the autoplay feature in a way that it is not becoming too smart, to be able to take out every opponent. All the battles against much stronger opponents are not doable with autoplay, here your skills are  required.  

  • How to enable/disable the autoplay feature?

You can activate autoplay already in the hero preparation screen or do it afterwards in battle by tapping on the small joystick icon. When you are in battle and autoplay is activated you can cast units, powers, invocations and change between defense and offense mode without interrupting autoplay. Autoplay will be only interrupted when you take control of your hero. If you have taken control and want to turn autoplay on again, just tap the joystick symbol.

  • When do I unlock the autoplay feature?

The autoplay feature is available early in the game. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback after trying it!

While developing and testing the autoplay feature over the last week we also heavily enjoyed just watching the action. Hope you will have the same fun! 

Your Olympus Rising Team