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Just wanted to share for those of you that don’t know it exsist.  Its not complete but I add to it as I get data and / or time.  Anyone is willing to help please do if you can.  I am no pro with wiki so any suggestions or help is great!



I have added more data to wiki, Décor, buildings, and defense.  Still need more data for everything but some info is there.  IF you have info to share just send me a message and ill add it to the wiki!




Hello Olympians!

I recently joined the wiki community and I am helping Crabz to complete the Olympus Rising wiki.

I am not a wiki pro too but I study and learn from the Royal Revolt 2 wiki mainly maintened by oPelle who did and continue to do an awesome job!

With time and patience I am sure we can also have a great wiki for our beloved game :slight_smile:

So if you have informations, pictures or videos to share feel free to leave messages here or on the wiki.

Here are some pages of the wiki to show you what we are doing :grinning:


@flaretara @CaptainMorgan

Can I copy and paste the texts of the Olympus Rising FAQ for the wiki?

Of course, we’d love that! Fair warning though: We’ll be doing a pass on the FAQs in the next couple of weeks to make sure they’re up to date, so there may be a few changes between now and then. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply and for the approbation ^^

Good to know that the FAQ will be updated to reflect the last changes in the game.
When it will be done I will update from my side the informations on the wiki :grinning:

Give few minutes I will help you to complete this wiki :slight_smile:

I check with my ipad some info

Asclepius Level 3 : 1 573 HP cooldown of 20,00s duration of 5,00s and range of 3.20

Okeanos Level 1 : Ice 240 cooldown of 17,00s duration 2,00s Range 2,20 Slow Down 50%

Scylla Level 3 : Physical 164 Cooldown 8,00s Duration instant Range 2,20

Pyrphoros Level 2 : Fire 348 Cooldown 12,00s Duration 6,00s Range 1,00 Shield health 302

Medusa’s Gaze Level 2 : Physical 69 Cooldown 25,00s Duration Instant Range 2,50 Damage Multiplier 210% Duration 5,40s

I will continue to play on my ipad where I have stop. in 1 hour i unlock Talos

On My PC more easy with screenshot

Talos Level 9

Screenshot (117)_resized.png

Medusa’s Gaze Level 11 info for Upgrade Cost and Time

Screenshot (118)_resized.png

Ariadne’s Spindle Level 9

Screenshot (119)_resized.png

Helen Beauty Level 8 info on upgrade cost and time

Screenshot (120)_resized.png

Frenzy Level 10 info on upgrade cost and time

Screenshot (121)_resized.png

Hero Temple Level 8 (sorry under construction)

Upgrade cost 3,600,000 Gold and 29,650 (not sure for this one) and 3 days (with -20% speed)

Guardhouse of Thanatos Level 7

Screenshot (122)_resized.png

Guardhouse of Thanatos

Level 6 :  Wave 6 Distance of Wave 25sec max level for wave 7

I will see If I can find the upgrade cost and time for building


Infos added to the wiki! Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

And keep the infos coming ^^

(New Info via Ipad 5.9.17 at 11.50 PM)

Talos Level 1 and Okeanos Level 1

Okeanos Level 2

Hero Statue Level 1 unlock at Ascension 8

Scylla Level 3 and 4

Gold Temple Level 2 Upgrade Cost and Time

Aclepius Level 3 and 4

You unlock Attack and Defense Stance at Ascension 9

(New info on ipad 5.10.17)

today i will play a little more on my ipad and give you other info of spells and stuffs later

I updated the wiki with your last infos!

How did you come up with those damage number for towers? They seem so off of what I jave and I am ascension level 104… Only the lapetos one is close…

Is it damage per second?

Stats of Defense Tower up depending of your Ascension. By example if you have a Arthemis Tower at level 1 and you are at Ascension 10 and the damage is 20, and you up at Ascension 50 and still have the Arthemis level 1 you can see he have now 45 or more. The damage match with your Ascension

by example I am at Ascension 67 and my Prometheus level 10 do 500 damage. If I up at Ascension 68 my Prometheus Tower will up at 505, I up at Ascension 69, my Prometheus will up at 510 and so on…


I am level 104 and my prometheus level 20 does 4k something…Still no where near 8k in the wiki… And hydra. Level 12 ~12k dmg not like 20k+ dmg like in the wiki…

possible the wiki can contain mistake. Crabz don’t verify it. he have only collected info via players. Like Royal Revolt 2 it’s possible the wiki can have mistake in it. Or there is a another factor. The only thing I know it’s the damage up with Ascension, if there is something else that can boost damage without elite boost I don’t know.

I check with mine and on wiki a prometheus level 11 do 2,217 and mine 500. Strange. I have no idea how Crabz have calculate or find this kind of value

@Maxthor @Warriornator

Maybe the stats/info are affected/changed along the way through Server Updates?

Time to new info (5.11.17)

Shrine of Power Level 9 Upgrade Cost and Time


War Academy Level 9 Upgrade Cost and Time

theater of Dionysos Level 6 Upgrade Cost and Time

Ambrosia Temple Level 9 Upgrade Cost and Time

Gold Temple Level 10 upgrade Cost and Time

Library of Wisdom Level 6 Upgrade Cost and Time

Chamber of Gold Level 9 Upgrade Cost and Time

Styx Level 3 and 4

@Tomaxo Its damage per sec.

Hey guys, I am also actively helping fill in the Olympus Rising Wiki Page. I played Royal Revolt 2 for about 2 years and helped Opelle maintain the RR2 wiki while I was active in the game. There is a lot of info missing from the OR Wiki, but if we all help out with it, then we can get most of the vital info filled out! 

Also, who is the OR Wiki creator? Are they in this thread?

Sorry that took me time before I upgrade my stuffs


Thanks Warriornator! I have added all of that info to the wiki now and have been aggressively filing in as much info as I can as well. It’s starting to come along nicely, but is still missing a lot of info.