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Brand new info for wiki

Thanks! Got those updates!

Here new info

Screenshot (238)_934x525.jpg

Screenshot (252)_934x525.jpg

Screenshot (253)_934x525.jpg

Screenshot (264)_934x525.jpg

Sorry that take me time.(don’t forget to write the one in my previous post)

New info (don’t forget to write the previous one)


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Yup new info


I don’t know who give the wrong information about Wave No.9 but here the real info :


I just see all the info are wrong about the cost of each units,tower and spells. I don’t know who have give all this wrong info. Never mind thanks god I have keep all my screenshot in my PC so I will take 1 day and I will correct all info later with the screenshot


Sir, during discussion with other players in my alliance, we found the cost of blessing seems be increased dramatically when the alliance level is up. Could you advise where I could search the info., or input the info. of what we’re seeing now so people can compare, of the cost for alliance blessing?

This time i created and worked on the Quests page: http://olympusrisingapp.wikia.com/wiki/Quests
As always i need your help to complete it because there are a number of quests which i already completed a while ago and i don’t remember the rewards or the goals to achieve

I also changed the look of the page about Prometheus to better match the general design of the wiki.
Here is the new look: http://olympusrisingapp.wikia.com/wiki/Prometheus
And here is how it looked like before: http://olympusrisingapp.wikia.com/wiki/Prometheus?oldid=949
Any feedback is appreciated and if you like the new version then i will update the other heroes pages as well :slight_smile:

I’m willing to offer my time to reorganize totally the OR wiki with new icons, and make it more color friendly. I have 4 years of specialization from the RR2 Wikia… , from the moment the team of RR2 doesn’t want anymore to help with that, i hope OR team is more open so i can get started as soon as i get enough rights to edit. I may suggest to the admin of the OR wikia in primis to contact Fandom Staff to change the title of the wikia to simply: Olympus Rising -> http://olympusrising.wikia.com/wiki/Olympus_Rising_Wiki instead of http://olympusrisingapp.wikia.com/wiki/Olympus_Rising_App_Wikia

This because long sentences aren’t appreciated by Google search function.

If the project is taken up, we will be happy to (within reason) provide assistance. I believe the previous admin was @Crabz, but maybe others have access.

Sure give me some time to do it 

are you still playing?

if you need all info I have them in my video. Ascension necessary point for each level, Quest,units and troops info stats, celestial Boost prestige point needed for each level and more… I will upload my video in 2 week. So when its gonna be done just watch them

Hello gods,

The wiki is now under my control, i became admin. You can be safe under my hands. I’ll do my best to fill it with the help of @CaptainMorgan where possible.


You might notice a new homepage, don’t worry it’s not finished.


Hey @oPelle,

Thanks for your work. Are you still maintaining the wiki?

I didn’t get new notifications since a couple of months from Morgan, therefore the wiki has stopped with the updates. I lost faith also from OR devs and the wish to continue OR. I thought in OR there was a better communication towards people. Sorry if i built a big dream that i destroyed some weeks later.

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That’s sad. The latest months have been quite overwhelming for the devs with new wars and forge. Hopefully Madlen’s addition to the team will give them a relief.

I hoped one day you would have an OR youtube channel like the one for RR2…

Hi everybody. Thanks to everyone who has provided insights and work into the OR Wiki. It is very useful to the community and highly appreciated.

If anybody wants to take up the work again, please direct message me. (I would need to find out how to that person then can get access to it though - maybe somebody can explain to me).

Thank you.


In terms of getting access to the wiki, there are two ways. An easy way would be messaging Pele here or via other channels (you can ask me or most of the mods, we have our ways) and asking him to trasnfer the rights. I am sure this would be done swiftly and gladly.

A somewhat harder way is what we used to get Pelle on board. Wikia rules allow members in good standing to assume rights over inactive wiki pages, so if Pelle went inactive for a month or so, anyone who is a registered member of wikia can, with certain stipulations, pm admins and request the ownership.