Olympus time zone

I don’t know if any one can answer this, but I’m very curious about the time zone of Olympus. I have no question to the day change for personal event, like the daily chest collection, I know it’s probably follow the player’s time zone, so the new chest is available after 12am everyday, as well as the titan point counts.

However, I’m curious about the universal events, like war. Why the war is always started and ended at 12am Japan time? I’m 100% OK with this, but can’t figure out why Japan time zone is the standard? Or, this is only my misunderstanding, the war actually is NOT started and ended at 12am, so it’s not taking Japan time as the standard?

I would like to know the answer too. I asked a similar question a while ago but I never got the proper answer yet.


11 am EST is the time for me (War). I am also rather curious about what our ST is (would make a lot of sense to display it, so tired of rather vague “in 4 hours” pointers while communicating with alliance members). 

Only two option : Time zone of the player or the time zone of Flare (Germany GMT time)

If its like RR2 good chance for all stuffs its player time zone and at which moment you have collected your last daily chest.  

Like Wars its player time zone. My Wars start the morning at 10 am (UTC -5)

only server maintenance work with Flare time zone but the rest Wars,daily chest its player time zone


This doesnt make sense though, how come my alliance starts 11 am est, same as any other alliance in this game? Otherwise, someone would have an unfair advantage of fighting longer or less… Plus I cant see how this is possible from the coding point of view, no ARK would deal with this many references and matchmaking

It used to be 11am.  Now (since daylight savings time change) it’s 10am Eastern.

I think the war is more like following Flare time zone, because at my place the war starts at 11pm local time, which is 12am Japan time, which is the start of a day, so I’m curious about why.

The server time zone is UTC.


 Thanks, could we know why?

To quote Wikipedia: “Coordinated Universal Time abbreviated to UTC, is the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time.”

We use it because it is the universal standard to use for server timings.